"A powerful,smart and takes no prisoners:That's the three primary things that Zeryn Zirlight has.But besides to its serious nature,he was revered and loved by most of Azadians around,bestowing honour.No wonder his strength overflows upon him."

Zeryn Zirlight, the General is one and the first true inferior leader of the Alphans community, and of the Southern Azadia which was then named Bluehearts.General Zeryn was known by them as having a veiny face and of its austere nature. The vessels on his face as telltold, was because of the potent magical power that flows upon him, and so as associated with his brainpower.A day had passed after the General had died,three young Alphans named Silvester, Marcus, and Zeryn the Prince had appeared to the new King from the Void where they first originate,Implying that Zeryn needed to be divided in order to live longer.Zaern also explained the appearance of them,that is due to Zeryn dividing itself into three younger Alxerions.

He is said to be a strict and very serious persion for he follows the law given by Alkhrus in which he wanted to discipline every encivils' behaviours,but actually he is a good and caring person,most especially on what he said to Lerisse on Chapter 16 in which he said to her that she is safe from tempted encivils if ever she will cling on him as Rejenarav and to that to the Traeziers that he humiliated Rejenarav because of the two encivil leaders' death.

Jerome Orvus Argon Edit

Jerome is the (head) leader of Roxians, an allied group of Alxerions in Xazania. Xazanians and Zaragorians have speculations that Zeryn and Jerome is the same person that the belief of The Halzamerians having a Supreme General and having two pseudo-leaders but assigned as Low Colonel,that made it come true during the conclusion of Chapter 22 of the Alxerian Tales as its ending with Genianne as the Supreme General.Thus the Halzamerians are just a 'mirror reflection' of the other team

Reginald AstarEdit

In Chapter 9 of Alxerian Tales,Zeryn's core spirit part returned as a young being,about the physical age as the other half of it ,created by Zeryn's ashes scattered by Gerssick (most probably Alkhrus' power).He uses somewhat of a halberd but uses it single handedly (and surprisingly,faster than how the bardiche is usually being handled),this is most probably Rejenarav itself is strong enough to handle the halberd(or a bardiche) along with its lightness.He covers his right/western hemisphere of his face which said in Q&A with Alkhrus in Version 4 that Zeryn's face still remain on that part,which will be included on Chapter 23 (The Sunrise).

The Zirlight TrioEdit

The Zirlight Trio is commonly the name referring to the three Alxerions whom Zeryn is their origin:Zaern,Remvern and Morzamern.

After Zeryn died because of fulfilling its Magical power,he divided into three Alxerions

Zeryn Zirlight the PrinceEdit

The reincarnated Zeryn Zirlight is the eldest of the Zirlight Trio.With a ranking of Lieutenant Colonel,he serves as Gerssick's subordinate............

Marcus Edit

Marcus is the middle of the Zirlight Trio.Same ranking as his brother.he is the standalone of the trio as well as governing Darkslate City.


Silvester is the youngest of the Zirlight Trio,along with his brothers,also a Lieutenant Colonel that is a remote resident of the Forests of Oberaine.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

In the Alxerian Tales,he just serves as a minor character,yet in the the Alxerian Stories,he is one of the a main characters in the work as the first ruler of the Alphans.

He first appeared in Chapter 8 as a ghost and they have a talk with Gerssick and he said that he talked to Alkhrus before and later on,he was brought back to life once again as Rejenarav Astar

In Chapter 22,he was mentioned about his death and his agreements to the Void and that Zaern told to Kai-Yusav his story and also to his relationship with Le'aviel as her curiosity.

People along HimEdit


  • Zeryn Zirlight's return as Rejenarav Astar is actually a remake from which the ruler of the Alphans (former name before the Alxerions) was named General Starr of Version 1 which was then reworked(or also replaced) into Marshal Gerssick Zarkon.In the late era of Version 3,the usage of General Starr was implemented and altered its name,making its name into General Astar nowadays and so,his three pseudo grandcreations surnames are also altered into that.
  • He has so far,have the most personas,having 5.