What is new in Version Six?


After observing the past chapters -- im much disappointed or rather discontented for that in Chapters 21 onwards are much of a novelchapter length. In Chapter 1 to....*count* about 15,the count ranges to 250 or such.For the beginning i just have to expand these....and of course if 1 has 4,2 has 5,3 has 20,4 has 22, and 5 has its square (twentyfive),i just had to augment this novelette and reach it to 40 or more,perhaps making it first as a novella.Adding those of the description of the Alxerions and to the Castle Alphalace....No medieval anymore but still not modern or such.....well we could make a renaissance lifestyle...though this makes to be with magic.

The History of the Alxerions will alter and innovate.Noting that im grateful to my mind that once in my reveries the idea of Castle Alphalace was created and even to the new concept of a Leiven minion.This keeps going innovating.


"Its time to clean up the mess,monster!"

-Zaern Zirlight at A Territory Check

Archaic.....and somewhat tongue-binding names and perplexing.....Nah ill just had to solve it as a patch.For example,Le'aviel will just had to replace it as Leah.....for a complete list of clearups,here it was

  • Gerssick Zarkon > Jared Divinia
  • Zeryn Zirlight will remain, but will be acknowledged as Zeryn the General.
  • Zaern Zirlight as Zeryn Zirlight Jr. -- goes in the nickname of Prince Zeryn or The Prince.
  • Remvern Zirlight as Marcus Zirlight --
  • Morzamern Zirlight as Silvester Zirlight -- i picked Silvester because as what he was due to its chosen habitat in Oberaine,the forest land.
  • Le-aviel Zeryon to Leah Polaris -- 
  • Kai-Yusav Naihara as Kairie Naihara.
  • Jeniere Vierenn as Jane Eris Veratus 
  • Rishan Vierenn as Risana Jane Veratus
  • Princess Ai-ria'zha simplified as Aira,and Alphanization - from Erziah reassembled to Eriza/h
  • Raveira Qonragav to [Still pending]
  • From Gjeraiviah to Genaix Aris to Geneva Zarkon to Janice Avaine Divinia
  • Lerisse the Elven to Jacinta - to go with their patterns

Character tweaking

  • I have made Arxus once again since i don't have enough imagination to make a perfect one,so as one another rework,i have made a *quite* ominous mask and a built-in headdress of it.
  • Azakyron then sported an Arabian cowl or such,with a mask like the other.
  • In the end,Jared will be a Theonian rather than being an emperor as i thought of the past.
  • Geneva's blonde hair had turned white, to match her brother's hair colour.
  • The two princess Aira and Kairie will get different hairdos and also get a new tiara.As well as a new outfit fit for royal ladies.
  • Redesigned Arianne.Now got its hair at back,while still short.
  • Jane got a bun and a ponytail.And got its bionic eye inside rather than an external device.Also got white outfit.
  • To match Risa's colours,from her purple hair also turned blonde in bob cut.
  • Jacinta's hair will be recoloured to black.

Chapters and addition.

  • The ever always Chapter 1 will not be Chapter 1 anymore.Instead, there will be additional chapters in the previous.
  • Added Discovery ( 3)
  • Added Askarafians and the Stellar Orphan.
  • Added Nightmares of the Roxian Knights.
  • Renamed Chapters:
    • The Tactician's Remarks to Espionage. Also tweaked.
    • Infiltration to Heist.
    • Might of the Alphans into In Demise
    • Verdict of the High and Secrets Within to Down to Earth
    • Ferry to the Zappen City, Darkslate to The Glistening Mystery.
    • Solarian Vengeance to just Vengeance.
    • The Null Alxerion to Return of the Revered General.
    • Battle Royalties divided into Revel of a Rebel and Rematch.
    • A Newborn Hope into The Hexans 
    • Chapter 11 - Feast in the High Sky and The Rise separated into themselves.Also swapped places with Scars of Evil
    • A Territory Check into Alphans' Tour.
    • Learning the Anomalies to Scars of Evil
  • Instead of Redgie overpowering the Shadows, a celestial Theonian will descend and aid them to defeat the Shadows.
  • A Quest for Cure:
    • Changed the requirements.