Where would i want to start up.......? hahaha.

Ah ok......before the foundation or institusion of the Alphans -in which the name before the word/acronym Alxerions was coined.


At my mind, during the past,i already have a figment of imagination,from which it started in the family of......Troysers (thats what ive thought last time in my history)..a family of three consisted of Danny "Dan" Troyser as the 'father' ,Kunisha as the mother....and their son who was Jimmy aka. Jim.what i still thought that time they are the ruler of a certain unnamed place in which now is called Bluehearts/Azadia.

I almostly ignored it then;my colleagues were the key to the construction of the main book has not been titled yet until the second rework was made.its named as i remembered "The Myth of Alxerions: Bluehearts (?)"

--- Why Alphans?

"the greek word Alpha means first,and the first are always powerful." thats what it is maybe.

the first turned a bit weird when i looked again, yet the basis of Ravienaeis and Leivens are psychic humanoids that could be a trap, and a humanoid warrior respectively since im fond of them in the past.

the second rework changed some things compare to the first like the Alxerian Banes(Avengers,Destroyers)

but the artwork itself still remained as stickmen but in the second some things that cant be stickmen are done.

After i have no ideas to do on that times,i started doing the Quest of the Alxerions.I thought it will be successful but it turned to be a prototype. i stopped it.

The evolution of the Alphans here in these statements are now starting to evolve rapidly.

The third rework,i self proclaimed it now one of my successful work,the Alphans turned into Alxerions and the 'discovery' of some places. and even the Ravienaeis and Leivens,once humanoids,turned into real humans and made it more powerful.The leader become the perfect basis,The 'true' leader,once an armored knight,now as a glorious being with simplicity.The family of Troysers didnt get a direct evolution to them until the third rework was finished when i am writing the history.The writing of the history of the whole world,Zaragor,made me to connect the two families together.

I started with Celia in Chapter 2 when i decided her surname is Traezier,this made myself to change the Troysers in Traeziers so that it would go a bit archaic and fit into the time.In Chapter 14,Celia's false parents,and Le'aviel's parents: Gavrian 'Gabe' and Alicia Traezier were introduced.In writing the cancelled history of the Alphans,the family of Traeziers started a change between the two:Kunisha returned from my works as Qerizha and Dan Ecervus Traezier, with two sons Gavrial and Jim , Alicia is totally an adventuress in which she was from Keriskia (Darkslate) whom days on those times she was married to Gabe,that come to the point the Alxerian Tales v4 was created.