(laugh) i am stuck forming Chapter 23 as of like a game being stuck on a certain mission or a task,Until i have found the point i'll get on into other spinoffs.

My first plan is to get a notebook and rewrite the incomplete history of the Alxerions....but for now as Version 2,i'll make sure that it'll be as meaty as ever,and perhaps ill go segway on first,then arranging them all chronologically as accorded by the collaboration of my works Alxerian Tales Version 5 and other precedessors and to that history tidbit.So far these are some chapters that might show up there in the second book:

  • Alkhrus' arrival
  • The Tribes
  • The Exeris
  • Bloodline Start
  • Conflagration
  • The Royal Family
  • Alkhrus Nerium (? corelated to Alkhrus' Arrival) and Askarafia
  • Curse Abolition (along with Copious Temple)
  • R.A.Z.E (Regime of Advanced Zaragorian Entities)
  • The Supreme Alphan Triumvirate
  • Xazania - The Mysterious Earth
  • The Army of Xazanians (Halzamerians)
  • Eureka! (Discovery of magic)

The Second era include

  • Halvenia Undisputed (Azakyron descends here)
  • Love Limit (Banishing Jacinta)
  • Checkmate (the capture of Larry's heart by Le'aviel)
  • The Great Transient Xazanian War(include the Lunar Mistress attempting to charm someone)
  • The Mentor and the Mentee(include writing Le'aviel's Requiem by herself)
  • The Downfall ( death of Zeryn - along with The Grand Coronation )
  • Coronation
  • The Trinity
  • Ascension
  • Reformation
  • The Princess
  • Exon
  • The Lunarian

The Third era include:

  • Regicide (killing Ur'za-jan,helping the Halzamerians)
  • Descendance (the creation of the Alxerian Gene Traced Humans)

and other more.

Regards to the incoming third book,the third book will be based upon reality magic ,but most characters will be based upon The Alxerian Tales characters and YES, it was based of their own original names as always....and for me to be honest,guess which country will be fit in?:

  • Gill Astar as Gil Conrado Jr. (no change of roles besides the family relationships)
  • Celia Lisa Traezier as Celia Marie Celeste (or Alicia Marie III;ditto)
  • Le'aviel Zeryon as Leah Celeste ( or Alicia Marie II; Does not have a relationship with Gil Sr. but to Larry)
  • Zeryn Zirlight as General Geren Conrado(a widower,has three sons)
    • Zaern Zirlight as Gil Conrado Sr. (Does not have a relationship with Leah, but to the unknown woman)
    • Remvern Zirlight as Mark Conrado Sr.(married to Yula bearing a twin)
    • Morzamern Zirlight as
  • Gerssick Zarkon as General Jared Lualhati (still as the marshal of the army;marries to Arianne Luna bearing a daughter)
  • Genaix Aris Zarkon as Geneva Lualhati (nothing changed)
  • Rieen Vurqunia as Arianne Luna (similar to relationship between The Supreme General in the Alxerian Tales)
  • Kai-Yusav Naihara as Yula Lualhati (as a swordswoman rather a mage)

and other more.

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