The centre of the university.

The University of Bluehearts(stated in Chapter 2 as Bluehearts Academy of Technology) is an institution of education in which students are used to learn as well,most particularly in magic and summoning.


The University of Bluehearts is covered initially by a fortress,with 8 light towers for lightings inside the university at night.inside it is another fortification of building which implements primary and secondary education.In the center of it is a 6-story building implemented for collegiate students.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

This university revolves around the centermost of the academy in which only governed by many persons but the same persona,which is Ixen Ravienaei(but there are well trained teachers who teaches elementary and higher education.)

In Chapter 2, it is vacation in that time and stated just a few about the institution,

In Chapter 11,The Hexans are now compressed in a single class,and Theia and Vira got upset for Jade(and mistakenly Brian) for the two are lost.So they find a fight until they are seen by an Ixen division.The two are being warned for the banes but Vira is stubborn that she attacked Elizianne,making the bane appear at the environment and saps Vira's essences.

Levels of EducationEdit

Like the modern days, there are three level of education in the entire university.The first being primary or elementary,secondary and the last is the tertiary,although the tertiary has 10 years instead of 4 or 5