The Alxerian Tales cover as of Version 4 and 3.

The Alxerian Tales is a cumulative literary work from which currently a novelette where the Alxerions are being accorded and the interaction between Zaragor and Xazania itself.It is written by Nullwhich in the book,takes in the name of Ixen as well as he was seen on the preface,writing. See List of Alxerian Tales Chapters


The Alxerian Tales Version 3 is parted into twenty Chapters and some subchapters,22 for fourth and twentyfive for fifth with the inclusion of a prologue and an epilogue.


  • It has 5 versions so far and each of them can represent as the evolution(as well how humans are undergone)
  • Before the coinage of the title,this literary work is titled 'Myth of Bluehearts' or 'Book of Mystics' in Version 2
  • It takes about 3 to 4 years for Alxerian Tales to reach from Version 1 to 5.
  • The first version to complete the work is version 3 which has 20 chapters.
    • In Version 4,it has 22 chapters in which added two more chapters which is
  • The primal version of this work starts with a modern era instead of medieval/Renaissance times ,but it was thrown out or discarded because of its own (the author's) disaggreement ,most probably the movement of its self-improvement.