Sophia is a pure Alphan - a unique Alphan being created by the Enigma.

At first.nothing is known about her identity but a hooded woman in dark grey suit,yet as her unhooding,her brimming arcane mystery comes forth to every great Alphans,including the two Generals.Sampling her first prowess was from smithing her own weaponry,she have her metals from her own creator,and smithed two swords,which was unusual for her to wield two heavy swords at the same time.At this time since she was clearly Arxus' creation,they wanted to help the other Alphans by appointing Sophia to Leah,and also to her subclan,as an advisor.

Along with her spawn to the heaven and earth comes her two spirits or wisps,yet actually,it was her own.


Her overall color is spring green.She wears somewhat like a polonecked jacket with gold and long shoulder pads (most of the high-ranked Alxerions have these).Wears a thick skirt.She has two will-o-wisps which is colored green and blue.

Her weapon is a pair of double-bladed(a cut sword which has gap on the middle) swords in which the swords itself represents the weapons of its wisps in human forms

Her two wisps names are Eliss(green) and Zeline (blue -not to be confused with Elizianne 'Eline' Naihara )

People Along herEdit