Exon, or most known as Pantheon of the Kings refers to the large floating chunk of land located at the opposite pole of the mainland Ascaraphia.Everyone who resides at Exon were called Theonians or Exonians, led by Azakyron Nezhara

This land contains races from demigods to a deity,called Theonians.Due to this,ordinary Ascaraphians and aliens  were not able to enter to it,unless a member whom eligible, takes one to there,which in Armageddon has a case for it where Arianne took Jared to the Pantheon to confront the brother of the leader.

There are eight Exonians in total:

  • Azakyron Nezhara the Omnipotence - known by Halvenians as their defender and god.
  • Nexhazyron Nezhara the Wicked - known as the one who created villains.
  • Arxus Nevium the Arch-Demigod - descended from Zaragor and created armies of his own. Created various events and tales.Believed to be the child of Azakyron.
  • Angelus the Archangel - Azakyron's warden.
  • Temporius the Messenger. - Emissary of Exonians to the earth
  • Arianne Vurqunia the Lunarian - Mistress of Zaragorian satellite named after herself
  • Valtrin Vallant Cepheus the Astral (with Valkner Yadrun as its guardian) - one of the rulers of Askarafia . Arxus' Exonian companion
  • Alvera the Elven Queen- Verilian ruler.
  • Ozian the Solar - once an Astral but have made a partition to rule his own, and got annihilated by Jared .
  • Jared Divinia the Alphan - ascended after being victorious over destroying Nexhazyron. Marshal of the Alphans.