The Null Plane or simply the Null, is one of the two created dimensions of Archus the Enigma, designed as a simple and plain white plane, unlike its counterpart, The Void, which is entirely black. The natural structures, like some of the Black Plane's natural structures that is white, are black.

The Null was said by General Zeryn as 'a plane that is far from the earth, and thus the plane is more ethereal than the Void.' The remoteness of the Null Plane is the core reason why there are almost no humans in the plane as traversing or process of gaining access the Null is far more difficult and more intricate than going to the Void. Some non-humans then, like the Alphans, can access the plane, however the colours of a person changes when they do - of which the common colours are deep blue, deep purple, and shade of black to white