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Alxerian Tales/SummaryAlxerian Tales/ III - The InfiltrationAlxerian Tales/ II - The Tactician's Remarks
Alxerian Tales/ IV - The Might of the AlxerionsAlxerian Tales/ IX - Battle RoyaltiesAlxerian Tales/ I -The Ancient Amulet
Alxerian Tales/ In the Constellation of the StarsAlxerian Tales/ The LegendAlxerian Tales/ VIII - The Null Alxerion
Alxerian Tales/ VII - Solarian VengeanceAlxerian Tales/ VI - Ferry to the Zappen City,DarkslateAlxerian Tales/ V - Secrets Within
Alxerian Tales/ XIII - A Territory CheckAlxerian Tales/ XII - Spirition I - The RiseAlxerian Tales/ XIV - The Spirition II - The Ancient Mansion
Alxerian Tales/ XI - Learning the AnomaliesAlxerian Tales/ XV - Superterran FlightAlxerian Tales/ XXII - The Blank Planes' Revolution
Alxerian Tales/ XXI - The Arcane MagicianAlxerian Tales / X - A Newborn HopeAlxerion/Ranks
Apex Law - The Love LimitArchus DominicArianne
Azakyron NezharaByron HexeviusCelia Lisa Polaris
Darkslate - The Zappen CityErnest, the SageGavrial Traezier
Genaix Aris ZarkonGerssick ZarkonGill Konrade Astar
HalzamerianHexansJane Eris Veratus
Kairie NaiharaLara SereivennLeah Polaris
Lerisse RiedrikList of Alxerian Tales ChaptersMarcus Zirlight
Null MaidenNull PlanePantheon of the Kings
Rikov SereivennSophia Kon'vexSupreme Alphan Triumvirate
The Alxerian TalesThe Alxerions WikiThe Nerian Factions
The NullUniversity of BlueheartsXenaira Vonnerake
Zeryn ZirlightZeryn Zirlight, Prince
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