Jacinta Lerisse, the Baroness of the Verdant Vale, is an exiled and sealed Alphan, which then was known as the legend of the Alphans and nicknamed as The Gorgon due to its undeniable beauty as a Verilian.

The Tale of the Exiled AlphanEdit

The Banished Alphan is a famous legend of Azadians (including Blueheartians). Generations have passed the scene of the Airship ejecting out the lady and leaving her out and some of them started to speculate. The gem tomb of Jacinta was a dangerous thing to be approached and that was one of the premises that they know about the myth

In The AlphansEdit

Jacinta was thrown to the cave of the Azadian Falls under the command of General Zirlight, and discovered by the Queen by the visions of Temporius, which then sealed her in emerald with great, bamboo-like vines around it. 


  • She was used to be a blonde haired lady in its first creation, until updates were placed that changed the color into black.