Leah Polaris, formerly known as Alicia Polaris the Second is the Valkyrie leader of the Alphans,ranked as a Captain


Leah Polaris, - is one of the prominent Alphans in Bluehearts.Being the daughter and the last legitimate family member of the Polaris being known in the lower Azadia before she has been enlisted in the Alphans' community in the reign of General Zeryn,the mansion it resided was being kept for long time,until it has been resided by the three cousins - the creations of the three Zirlights.

Unlike its former human self,her iris and even the hair color turned from both yellow into purple.Being an Alphan,she was given an armour that was supposed to be her default outfit without in doubt with its mithrility.Inside its armour was a pale indigo suit that seems to be a spandex.Besides,she wields a black scabbarded sword that has been forged and given to her by Prince Zeryn as his present

Before she became an Alphan,she was named then as Alicia Polaris II, the daughter of the most honored family in Bluehearts,Gavrial and Alicia Traezier I,in which its house were currently the Astars reside.There are just few people whom have just seen her as a developing child since before her recruitment as an Alxerion at 20.They have said that she has blonde hair,and dull purple irises,similar to that of her mother and daughter,and white garments

In The AlphansEdit

Being a prominent Alphan,she also appeared in many chapters as well as being one of the masters of the humans.

The amulet that was given by the Mother Crystal to her parents had served as a future legacy to Leah as the gem told when all things was foreseen, and it was happened - when the war was due, and both Gavrial and Alicia, were slain in the process, and the General after the war, who have gotten the amulet, was given to her.

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