"..Just accept two leaders in a group,it will not be a hassle for us."

~One of her quotes in Chapter 5 (defending Le'aviel's standing)

(Major) Princess Kairie Divinia is a conjured Alphan situated in the Alphan Fortress

Kairie was created by the Supreme General to run the legacy, although not the kingdom, but of his blood as the king of the Alphans at that time .Yet curiosities among wandering Encivils strive about the room,according to them,it was being engulfed by a "repulsive aura".Until Alicia II(Leaviel Zeryon) became an Alxerion as a head of the subclan,Kai-Yusav's capsule was broken by the shockwave she casted,implying that she got the fullest power possible.She had left the room by herself before Gerssick managed opened the door


She (originally) has a long,wavy and blue hair that has been mixed by a mint green color that turned her hair to be dual colored,in which is the effect of her tiara's gleam.Has red eye color and wears somewhat a purple robe.She wields a spring green axe-staff that is different than Zaern Zirlight which he has two blades instead of one and is gold.

Her armor suit comprises of a full purple platebody with a metal skirt with the legs being visible (only the sides and the back are covered.) with black flares Her simple and latest rendition has her in a full and plain white princess's gown, a three pointed tiara (with a spikeless gem at front) and having black hair in similarity to Jared's colors of black and white.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

She is also known by the Alxerions as "The Sealed Princess" due to the fact that she is the creation of the leader(a Supreme General is somewhat equivalent to a king,and even the word Kzhralqaz also means 'king').She also uses a weaker version of The Staff of Xoracris(formerly Versatility Staff - the signature weapon of Zaern),except not gold in color.

Chapter 10:A Newborn Hope

See: The Twin Spectra

In Chapter 12 part 2,if you take her one of her lines in other sense,she is stalking Zaern and commonly,is aware of him,making her the possible rival of Le'aviel.

Le'aviel:I can feel my lover's spirit....he's just here outside this room..

Kai-Yusav: but as far as i know, Zaern is fine as i saw him yesterday on a skirmish with my master and his two siblings..How come your lover's spirit was here?

In Chapter 19,By sacrifice, She saved the life of the infusion of the three Astars(what appears to be a weaker Zeryn Zirlight) when he was about to be killed by a giant fireball casted by Raveira (The Astral Ace).This led to Raveira surrendering to them and being turned into an Alxerion as Ar-zari Velzayor.The Astral King went to Zaragor and gave Gerssick a patch-like object which is said it will cure her from the burn.

The Twin SpectraEdit

Kirsten and Elaine Divinia, is also known in the earth as 'The Twin Spectra'.

Kirsten Naihara,the ones in black,known for the nickname as 'Kriz',is one of the encivil creations by Kai-Yusav.She has black straight hair and eyes,has black zipped-up jacket with white trims,also has black long woolen skirt with also white trims on it.Wears black boots

Eizianne Naihara,the ones in white,also known as 'Elize',also one of the two encivil creations;Like Kriz,she has a white zipped-up jacket with black trims with also covering its neck and wears white and long woolen skirt with also black trims (in version 4,they have The Chosen's mark on it) and wears brown boots.She has white eyes and wavy hair as opposed to Kriz which is straight.Both of their hairstyles do change except for applying a ponytail on each other and for Kriz (or also Eline) to show their foreheads although they do it rare.

People along herEdit

  • Gerssick Zarkon - her creator
  • The Twin Spectra Kristen and Elaine - her creations
  • Leaviel Zeryon - her co-leader
  • Zaern Zirlight - She has a crush on Zaern,in which she always stalks him (especially after her rehabilitation in A Quest for Cure when she went to the Headquarters to see her master and after that, she flirts him)


  • Later on,null told that "The Twin Spectra" is just a simplified title, "The opposite poles of the spectrum" , just how they dressed and their theme (Black and white)
  • as of her first non-armor and physical appearance,she is based from or/and is a reference to Hijiri Byakuren as well as there are some similarities between them.This could be why she was Null's most favourite among all Alphans.