Supreme General/Kzhralqaz/Marshal Jared Divinia is the second Head of the Alphans since the fall of Zeryn Zirlight in 785 and he as an Associate General were elected as the new ruler of the clan.He as the leader of the clan uses a vast range of attacks,including the fieriest Fire Ultima.

IIn Alxerian Tales Edit

Gerssick serves as the Alphan protagonist in Alxerian Tales.

Chapter 5: Second Part

In chapter 9:Battle Royalties

While Gerssick if fighting Ur'za-jan,he calls for the might of Queen Rieen Vurqunia, The Vur'qunian Mistress in which the natural satellite is named after her as well as she is the Solarian's Weakness.

Chapter 16:'Traeziers United:'First Victory of the 'Great' Xazanian Wars.

Gerssick on a discussion with the four Traeziers and the three Astars being a coordinate general of the Alxerions,yield less priority than the head.Zeryn took care of his Encivil leaders,during the time Levius overpowered its Leaders,Zeryn turned demonic("The Netherworld's Upheaval"),and corrupts the Zelarians,of course,Gerssick assisted him to make the starlike material empowered.

{C}Chapter 20:General Deception

He has one mentioned sibling,Genaix Aris Zarkon,whom working in Xazania as a Halzamerian Zafkrogn Kaz'jarnt(General Coordinate),similar on how he went through,she is known to be a remarkable assassin.

Chapter 24(as of V5):The Great Transient Xazanian War

As Zeryn dies,he took place as the king of Alxerions;The three teams teamed together,so they made a large familiar as the sum of the three's powers,the familiar almost done a genocide but Gerssick,sapped all the grief,sorrow and wrath of all the Alxerions,rendering him to turn into an Alxerian Beast that turned all fearless monsters into 'chickens',so he ruthlessly slayed all of their opponents around (except Halzamerians) by creating another small universe in Xazania (Big Bang).After the fight Alkhrus wanted to seal him to suppress the Alxerions' power so whenever the Alxerions lose to the war,he is their only last resort,but Gjeraiviah became very sad when she heard this,Alkhrus understood her feelings so he got an idea,his forms were being unable to use and turned him into a weaker Gerssick in his spirit form,yet he has still the main intel of the group.

The Benevolent General's True Malevolence

Gerssick,as the leader of the Alxerions.....after the Massacre which killed almost of them,which remains only the Zirlights,the Triumvirate,Rikov and the creations of Nerium,which made Zaern turned into a Destroyer,Z'rail wanted to help by turning into its true form but it was being sapped,rendering Gerssick to perform The Netherworld's Upheaval,from which it was different than that of Zeryn's:as a great revenant emitting the Vur'qunian Nuclear Eclipse and the performed power.At first,Naikhzhen the Titan have suppressed the revenant but by the help of Rieen through its avatar,none of any of these three groups have defeated the revenant,neither their synergy.

Alphalace Edit

The Alxerian Palace(shortened and most known as the Alphalace - a portmanteau of Alphan and Palace) is a very large airship that it resides all the Alxerions and Encivils.During the times He and Zeryn created the ship composed of kilotons of extremely durable metals provided by Alkhrus in the void.

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  • He bears many resemblances to Fortinbras in human form in Onimusha 4:like his former title as the Alxerian King of Light (although Gerssick used light based skills seldomly),having dressed white (almost the same if except for the top wear) and both uses an attack that is a giant fireball (most exactly the Fire Ultima,except the 'essences' are not collected and associated with 8 more fireballs)
  • He is always referred to as 'The General' although he ranks more than how he was called, like Rejenarav Astar.
  • In the times of Version 3 ,he is also called ' General Zarkon' although they know Genaix Aris Zarkon which leads to ambiguity.


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