Ernest is an Alphan being created by Dominic to guide Azadians to development of their lives and to the defence as their intelligence.He is one of the Alphans which is open to most of Blueheartians everytime.He has one sibling and it was Sophia.


As his overall color is periwinkle,he has medium sized hair,occasionally wears a long,soft and somewhat deflated top hat that it ovarlaps the brim behind him.has white-trimmed coat with a symbol of a soul on the left part of the chest.Also wears trousers and color-exceptionally black,no-laced,and low-heeled shoes.

Duplicate forms wear the same,except their attires are sky blue and has numbers on their coats.Originally, Ernest have the appearance of a hermit, having elderly figures,but since he had to serve the community ,he was designed by Archus to be very versatile.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

Ixen and its divisions are known to be the professors of the collegiate sector of the University of Bluehearts and the dean of the mentioned university,and a single librarian.The original ones sometimes can be seen by students in the centre,especially in Chapter 18(A Quest for Cure) which the time the Hexans (collective name for the Astral brothers,Celia and the Twin Spectra) are the first people to be in their room and they are being seen by the real Ixen and gives the 'prescriptions' to cure Kai-Yusav's wounds.

In Chapter 11,The thirtieth ones -the counsellor of the university,told about Vira and Theia about the violations made by Jade and about Brian and its freedom.He also told about the legendary creatures like the Avenger and the Banes.And so when they leave the class,the bane appeared as Vira attacked Elaine,and The seventeenth(their appointed professor) Ixen is not amused on what he saw.


  • His Alphan name literally means 'Wise Magician',in which corresponds to him originally as a professor,and a mage.
  • He had the power of omnipresence, evidently shown at A Quest for Cure from which one of the Hexans have distinguished the real and a cloned Ernest.
  • He, so far, was one of the most powerful being in the whole planet, along with the Great Nymph and others.