"Only those being hit by the light is visible here in Darkslate,nobody ever captured this zappen city clear." -Remvern

The land of Darkslate,the zappen city is a piece of land at Zaragor.It is named 'The Zappen City' because of the mineral Arkhenites glimmering on the dark place.It was ruled by Remvern Zirlight.There were just few civilians residing here according to him,and most of the population include the Netrites.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

In Chapter 6,

In Chapter 14,The Alphalace visits Darkslate for inspection.


  • It was first introduced at the discontinued Alxerian Quest with the title 'The Zappen City'
    • The word zappen might be defined because of the Arkhenites' gleam on the dark city,giving sparks at the viewer,hence,'zap'