Alicia Polaris the Third, or most known as Celia Lisa Polaris was a sky human,created by Leah Polaris . She hides her fame in the name of 'Celia Marie Amaranthus', having her name more known in the University of Bluehearts


She has gold-colored eyes and has gold long,wavy hair with a ponytail. She wears (either) full gold/beige polonecked sweater and a pink long layered skirt.She either uses flip-flops or a set of Mary Jane shoes. During summer, she has worn slightly less shorter garment than her default wear, and in her ascended form, her ponytail were removed, and she is sporting a green sleeved vest and yellow sweater, and an unique , layered and dark magenta skirt.

In The AlphansEdit

She was first appeared as an innocent woman being created by Leah Polaris with the help of Jared. By her clarity of mind, she as an smart person have existed as a result. She was also given a spare house from which was being purchased by Jared and her for Celia which was then being aliased from the earth as Celia Marie Amaranthus, and her identity, even Ernest knows, has never been permeated into anybody else that she really was a descendant of the respected Alicia Polaris the First.

People along herEdit

  • Gill Konrade Astar - her chosen beau as according to her creator, and of herself.
  • Elaine and Kirsten Divinia - her friends and also party members
  • However she is not so close with Mark,nor to Azure despite being her future brothers-in-law.Though they sometimes are used as locators on where their brother was in times of her need.
  • Sergio Rico Traezier - her clone of self as an opposite gender.


  • Other than having excellent qualities, she was just a mere human that never has known magic, neither do as strength
    • She is the only member of the Hexans that does not know, nor utilizes magic ( The male triad, though, mostly present their magic through teleportation, and the rest knows spells innately)
    • Either ways,She is also the only one in the Hexans who does not have a sibling,although the Astar brotherhood was considered cousins,they considered themselves siblings instead, just like their masters
  • She was named by Leah as the third Polaris,which is obsolete that is stated in A Sterling Star.Same also goes to their physical appearance which remains consistent until to Celia (excluding Leah's new appearance as an Alphan.).Theories include Catalein (Alicia's mother) the lake spirit of Darkslate looks the same as its successors.
  • She was NULL 's favourite human character among all his creations,along with the princess being the favourite Alphan character, and the Great Nymph being the favourite Exonian