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    Whats in Version 6

    November 18, 2012 by Kim kid34

    What is new in Version Six?


    After observing the past chapters -- im much disappointed or rather discontented for that in Chapters 21 onwards are much of a novelchapter length. In Chapter 1 to....*count* about 15,the count ranges to 250 or such.For the beginning i just have to expand these....and of course if 1 has 4,2 has 5,3 has 20,4 has 22, and 5 has its square (twentyfive),i just had to augment this novelette and reach it to 40 or more,perhaps making it first as a novella.Adding those of the description of the Alxerions and to the Castle Alphalace....No medieval anymore but still not modern or such.....well we could make a renaissance lifestyle...though this makes to be with magic.

    The History of the Alxerions will alter and innov…

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  • Kim kid34


    (laugh) i am stuck forming Chapter 23 as of like a game being stuck on a certain mission or a task,Until i have found the point i'll get on into other spinoffs.

    My first plan is to get a notebook and rewrite the incomplete history of the Alxerions....but for now as Version 2,i'll make sure that it'll be as meaty as ever,and perhaps ill go segway on first,then arranging them all chronologically as accorded by the collaboration of my works Alxerian Tales Version 5 and other precedessors and to that history tidbit.So far these are some chapters that might show up there in the second book:

    • Alkhrus' arrival
    • The Tribes
    • The Exeris
    • Bloodline Start
    • Conflagration
    • The Royal Family
    • Alkhrus Nerium (? corelated to Alkhrus' Arrival) and Askarafia
    • Curse Ab…
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    Where would i want to start up.......? hahaha.

    Ah ok......before the foundation or institusion of the Alphans -in which the name before the word/acronym Alxerions was coined.


    At my mind, during the past,i already have a figment of imagination,from which it started in the family of......Troysers (thats what ive thought last time in my history)..a family of three consisted of Danny "Dan" Troyser as the 'father' ,Kunisha as the mother....and their son who was Jimmy aka. Jim.what i still thought that time they are the ruler of a certain unnamed place in which now is called Bluehearts/Azadia.

    I almostly ignored it then;my colleagues were the key to the construction of the main book has not been titled yet until the second rewo…

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