Azakyron Nezhara (pronounced Aza-kiron) is a legendary being appearing in the Alxerian Tales as a historic entity.He is believed by Halvenians as their deity.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

In Chapter 18,as the Hexans went to Halvenia,they have seen a statue in which was the statue of him having Aurborite orb on his hand pointing at Bluehearts,has a bow held on his right hand,and has sheathed sword that also has been used as Gill's sword in Chapter 3 in Version 1 or 2(its guard looks like a bladed axe).As there is an incoming meteor,the king and its monk have come forth to the stautue to request salvation against the meteor,but it gets deflected from them.


In the final chapter of the book,the tainted mage had descended to Bluehearts and revealed itself as of his brother's desire at the Pantheon of the Kings,so as preparation,Azakyron also descended to the Alphalace along with Alkhrus to help them fight Azakyron's sibling as from its evil plans,to defeat and exterminate him without being directly killed by Azakyron himself despite being a very powerful entity.