Arainne Veronica Luna is an Exonian residing at the satellite of Zaragor, Veronica. Although a moon-dweller, she actually was a cosmic mistress and by that she was able to traverse through many planets, like Askarafia

About herEdit

Her 'crescent' form has a short pale yellow hair, wearing a crown much like Gerssick's.She also wears navy blue dress with wavy shoulderpads and wielding a scepter. As a famous figure for the Zaragorians as a moon-dweller, she was known as a Veronican, in which will be redirected to as a Lunarian.

Queen Rieen Vurqunia is not totally a queen,but a mistress or vice versa,in which Ur-za'jan gets afraid for Gerssick's sword getting empowered by the Vurqunian in Chapter 9 (V4)

"No,not the blade empowered by Rieen!"

The name of the satellite of Zaragor is based on her,Vurqunia.

Despite satellites being dependent on starlight,she is feared by astrals,especially Ascaraphians(Askarafia) near her(Except Valtrin).

She seems to be passionate to Gerssick as well as her constant invitation to go onto her manor as possible.

"Her beauty can be based upon how the satellite was seen in Zaragor,and indeed,among people its the illusion of the satellite why they are captivated into her............but she told by herself,*nervous manner* she is the one captivated to lies .."