Archus Dominic, the Enigma is an Exonian and is the third most powerful(along with the highest ranking) in the pantheon. He is the superior leader, and founder of the Alphans of Zaragor and Roxians of Xazania. Being the Mystery, nobody can determine it's core strength and somewhat intricate, a premise to his power towards the Emptiness - the creation of the esoterical Null and Void planes.


Dominic hides his face through his mask and shows emotions through his orb upon the headress that changes colour depending on his mood. He sports a loose blue clothing, a sharp cape and rough cream white hair. From Version 2 from which he was given a new appearance - as a heavily armoured one, his real face was not seen at all as having a mask and third rendition was a white cloth resembling Jared's, except it was slightly more adorned and is wearing a face mask with an iconic plus sign with rays.

In storyEdit

Archus does not originate from a 'nebula' in the making of which some characters are made from it as an original spawn. He was made as a leader of the Alphans from the bottom until now.

Archus as Groizeel was remembered to be not just as the leader of the Alphans, a very powerful being - a premise to its evolution into his Exonianhood. In Version 1 where he was originated, he has wings, a sword and probably a battleaxe, telling that he will leave for the anticipation of the nigh warfare in some realm (probably the source of Xazanian War)

In the latter times at Version 5, it was stated that Rieen (Arianne) has affections for the Mystery, but since Archus can be said that he can sustain himself, in the actuality, Arianne became afraid when the Law was made, and thus planning a covert and an esoteric way to divert her into his general.


  • Archus has an unknown face among all except for the Celestial and Azakyron who keeps the secret, portraying its nature.
  • It can be interpreted that he, and the celestial Syrafayne, were siblings.
  • Archus as Groizeel (rewritten as lord Grayzeal) is the first Leader (and then into Exonian) to be mentioned, excluding Revirugus, which was now only one of the Generals of Nexhazyron.