The Apex Law of the Alxerions as stated by Alkhrus himself along with Gerssick and the grandmaster mage,Xenaira .

The WritingEdit

"Alxerions,The persons of with great power,with great venerability and with great magics."

Gerssick went into my place and said,,"Lord Alkhrus,wouldn't that be too harsh for that law to prohibit loving?".As my concern,i made it lighter,i mean,now the only thing i will remain is to put punishment to those envious persons,before that,ill state the first version:

"Loving is prohibited in the Alphalace as well they cannot go out of the ship that excepts storge,when they are caught doing so in the second chance,they will be expelled on this palace along with their core power.Other than that,they can show love to each other by giving or creating."

He conditioned to make it to be hospitable and not to be hostile.Now,as long as they ar mutual,it is legal,but the time one does not agree to their relationship and somewhat forced,they are put into detention,now if one is jealous in the love triangle(Arastan defined this anyway),the one jealous can either take it easy...or will be punished by the ruler that is either a General or a Supreme General.

"How is the jealous?What will they do if they dont want to die?" Xenaira asked.

The only way to solve it is to consult the ruler itself.

"Would you like to stay here or waste your life as our member of our good old clan?Your friends will even miss you for sure." -Rejenarav Astar

Violation in the Alxerian Tales

So far there are two violations that is done on the whole time of the Alxerions.One of it is found on the second part of Chapter 12 in which Larry Kreese gets angry at Zaern (and he made it challenge him) for being Le'aviel's man as his replacement as of Larry's death,rooting it as jealousy.The judgment was passed on from Gerssick to Rejenarav to diminish his strictness as a Supreme General and Rejenarav's judgment is to injure Larry and Zaern(Along with the Null Force) did beat the spirit of an Encivil and threw it to the Void.The Generals told that Zaern himself is not responsible for the damage wreaked to Larry,but the encivil's act (implying Zaern is used to be the weapon).

The second one is the controversy with Lerisse Riedrik.According to Gerssick,Zeryn's judgment is very deep as if the rumor itself made Zeryn think that her beauty makes men attract on her and has a high tendency to have unwanted skirmishes,jealousy,envy and suicidal attempts and it is the reason for Zeryn to banish her out of the clan.In Gerssick's regime along with the reform of the apex law,Gerssick called Lerisse once again and had forgiven her,letting her be again in the Alxerions.