The rankings of the Alxerions are much influenced from that of the army ranks as well as how Gill's opinions told about their military monarchy government.



The Rank of Generals.(From left to right) Kzhralqaz,Zafkrogn,Aczafkrogn,Ezafkrogn and Zafkrogn Eleisienn

The most powerful among the Alxerions who have these kind of ranks as well.They all have the eligibility to be in the clan classification,Za Vornnrakien or The Chosen. Kzhralqaz(pronounced Zhal-kaz)- The rank equivalent to a Marshal and also known as the Supreme General;The Supreme General can govern not only to the palace itself (The Alphalace),but to the whole territory itself,making the Supreme Generals are also kings.Their ability are extremely powerful in physical,and magical means.In the future there will be the successor of this rank in which it was Nezzalqaz or The Grand Marshal with a power of an emperor.Its symbol comprises of six sets of three lines with six diamonds between it along in a circle.Known persons with this rank: Gerssick Vonnerake Zarkon of the Alxerions in which rules the whole territory of Azadia. Zafkrogn (pronounced Za-fron)- The rank equivalent to a General;The General so far can only govern the palace and has the eligibility to manage the palace itself