The Arcane Magician is an upcoming chapter in the Alxerian Tales Version 5.It is first written in Alxerian Tales Version 3 Season 2 along with another chapter although it is not passed under the author's visions.It was occurred on the fifth month of Zaragor on the ninth day,1987,starting in 13:01.

New Chatacters:


The Astral Trio seemed to be consuming their breakfast and the twin is 'catering' in the Alphalace with their default diet which is a granulated substance in a canister (Arovoxil) while Celia herself is busy reading a certain book andf seems she is anorexic.They wondered what she is reading and Gill told it as the spellbook of Alicia Traezier which later they realized that Celia is the only on in their company that does not know magic.After they are finished,they went to the Alphalace by teleportation and this made Azure wonder about Celia not knowing magic but Gill stated that teleportation to the Alphalace is the only thing that the four can do (excluding the twin that they are naturally proficient to magic as Ravienaeis).As they headed themselves to the firsty lounge,they dont know where the second lounge is found, so they ask Ixen to locate it.In the second lounge they saw the twin,consuming their default food and the two questioned her what she is reading,and Celia proceeds on reading until a certain mage abducts her.Gerssick himself had seen the magus' presence as light.

While the five is still in the Alphalace,the General suggests to take a tour to the Encivils' realm and the twin as their tourguides.In the Encivils' realm,they landed on a knoll with a portal in its centerside and they saw no difference like in Bluehearts than the absence of the Alphalace and a bluer evnvironment.The first they went is the location of the ancient mansion.It is almost the same except the family frame seems to be lost and instead has a plaque on it under the honor of the former Encivil Leaders and those only high encivils are those who can occupy this,while The twin are royal encivils ,they have the eligibility to enter it but they have the will of refusing on entering encivil patroller (Leiven) walks in near to the mansion and it said that Larry is the one who resides the house but unfortunately he violated a rule of the Alxerions and so he was nearly exorcised and being incarcerated in the Void.The passerby neither didnt prohibit them and the five proceed in exploring the mansion.

After Celia had learned magic taught by Xenaira,the mage slyly gathered her genetic information and she teleports back to the Alphalace.The five has been signalled by Gerssick to return back to the palace as Celia's arrival.When they are all in the Alphalace,the twin examined her skills and it was good enough that she had reached the Tier 4 Elemental Spells,Celia even attempted to flirt Gill once again by 'saving her once again in a next time of a tragedy' but Gill himself got concerned in the serenity of the palace itself in addition of their remembrance of the lore of the lady in the Azadian Falls and all of them teleports back to the mansion .In the Void,Xenaira hurriedly ran to Alkhrus' temple and Dherico (The Leiven Leader of Leaders; her counterpart) and slammed the door of the pyramid temple,and she got noticed by him and Alkhrus as of her acts and she used scientific cloning in her laboratory in order for her plan to be complete as her plan is to create a clone of Celia as she is the only one in the Hexans who does not have a sibling while the two groups are as her payment as told to Alkhrus,and he was being noticed by Xenaira about things that will be disturbed.After about two hours her plan on cloning is a success and it was named Sergio Rico and surprisingly he has different appearances than the original itself,she gave initial objectives and let him descend to Bluehearts.In those times they are about to sleep as it was 15:00,Sergio enters the mansion and none of the Blueheartians have noticed him.Celia got awake on the entrance of him,although she didnt saw him,on the time she climbed up,he appears and somewhat ambushes her,and he confessed that he is her clone,In Celia's deep thought she realized that it was the reason she was being taken genetic information.Gill saw them holding hands and they explained that they are the same.He meditated and he got a thinking of an idea of her creator being not amused on how Sergio appeared as Celia's clone so he is about to check the Alphalace and he didnt see it in flight and instead destined to the Alphalace by its own since they can only teleport to the Alphalace only once a day.In the Alphalace,for Gill,he is not much acquainted with the geography of the Alphalace so he asks help from a Ravienaei who was seen in the first lounge,to find Le'aviel's location and she pointed where the Varieleisien leader was found but he meditated again that it would be bad if he led his plan to her first and decided to talk with the Generals yet he does not even know where are the ways to find the Generals since there are no stairs neither ladders in the palace but he saw chambers that he didnt knew before it is a portal that acts like an elevator.Upon hid ascendance to the second floor of the Alphalace,he was seen by Rikov and asked why he is there and he said that he wanted to talk with Gerssick but instead Rejenarav came forth on him and stated Gill's light complaint of Another form of Celia as a male ones(Sergio) to be the seventh member of the company and so the Hexans will change and not to be consistent.Albeit the General he has talked to didnt understand it,but instead told it to his companion,Gerssick and indeed he knew even some of that such as Celia's abduction by the grandmaster mage,Xenaira though he still had no knowledge regarding to a copy of Celia,even to say Xenaira is honest to Gerssick himself.So Gill went next to the Varieleis room and after Gill got out of the second floor then Xenaira is about to pop out of the Alphalace and they started to talk about the events and arguments made by the humans acquainted with them and might be to one of themselves.As Gill have destined to Varieleis room,there he called Le'aviel and stated his argument.Le'aviel herself trusted her own creation surely that he said to Gill that Celia will never ever find anymore men rather than him,even she had either a sibling or a copy of herself even it was a male and most likely will still love Gill than to herself yet she stated about Sergio that Le'aviel will treat him as her foster creation (son).Saying those words by the Second Glory herself,Gill understood anything and so the Hexans (including Sergio) flourished once again.