The Blank Planes' Revolution is about to be the twenty-second chapter of the Alxerian Tales.


Taht afternoon in the dormitory of the second story in the Alphalace,Zaern wanted to sleep but the thing is that there is something that bothers him,so he informed his status to Gerssick.As a suggestion,the Supreme General notified him about the Null Plane and so he teleported to that plane.While he recently gets teleported out of the Alphalace, Kai-Yusav gets out of the Varieleis room and towards to the Headquarters and got caught by the flash of Zaern's teleportation,which makes her approach into her creator again to ask what it was and Gerssick said who the teleportee was and even asked her about her another stalk to him,so she had been teleported to the null plane by Gerssick.

In the Null Plane,Kai-Yusav's appearance is different from her original appearance,and at her front is a town,with an entranec enguarded by an armored maiden.As it greeted her and for Kai-Yusav to find Zaern,the maiden asked about her and told that she have a close acquaintance with him,so she let her pass on the town.