The Spirition II - The Ancient Mansion is the fourteenth chapter of The Alxerian Tales and is the second part of The Spirition,the first being Chapter 12 - The Rise

New Characters:

In the University of Bluehearts,Haisiikien (5-1) students wondered upon the absence of the Alphalace but Ixen told that they are out for a moment.

As of the acquaintance to the Ixen in Verilte,all the wise magicians in the centre of the University is not harmed.

The Hexans while going home,Gill hesitates that as an encivil,he asked why did they still need to learn at the university and the twin said that they are created so they still need to learn more on Ixen.As they approach inside the mansion,the Astars got pulled down by someone else and passes through the surface of the floor itself,neither Celia nor the twin did saw them.As on the brotherhood's situation,they are pulled into the Void of the Dead,while the three girls went to the second floor of the mansion and there is someone who insinuates onto them,possibly a woman about to welcome them at entering the mansion.Celia wonders if Le'aviel was at the mansion,but the twin objected that it was impossible and Alxerions never get out of the ship and if they,are very rare and the Alphalace does not seem to be at the sky,neither at the port,and Celia got afraid.In the Void of the Dead,Zakroll called them and the three wondered who it was and it the guardian introduced himself.Although Zakroll hesitating,he said that it was just his task being followed and is given by Gerssick that to pull out three creations.As Gerssick told to him that the twin has been harmed and a bane was summoned in protection of the two as royal encivils and the oppressor's essence was being sapped and in order to be freed,he need to pull three creations,especially the Astral Brothers.So the brotherhood agreed on Zakroll and have been sent to the mansion.

Moments Earlier,Celia changed its mind and decided to climb down along with the twin and Celia saw in the cornerside an apparition walking towards their dining room,she even inspected it,but nothing was found.Eline wondered why did she peeked up to that place and she said that there is a ghost that walked through the kitchen and to the dining room,but they found nothing,so they went up to the second floor and checks the first room in which they have found nothing,they also checked the second ones,but also did found nothing.Eline ensures that the three should not lead before them and Kriz gets afraid and told about their absence.Eline got also dreaded that they are stuck in a haunted mansion,but Celia relieved that she had trusted Gill as of their relationship and so she believed that she did not do even a serious,single antic to her nor to the twin,although she wondered that how do the three have passed through several ghosts in the mansion.While the girls are checking the attic,the three coincidentally returns back to the mansion and evenly creating footstep noises.Because of that,Celia gets a bit nervous and bravely checks the floor below,and at the corner,they accidentally bumped each other. Gill asked them curiously why did they checked the mansion.Celia gets afraid at their sudden appearance to them.The twin complained that there are ghosts haunting them and asked where are they been last few minutes.Now Mark asked who are the ghosts in the mansion who haunts them and they said that those were a man and a woman.Gill pauses and he climbed down and they followed him until they glanced at the frame of the Traeziers.They asked him that the ghosts were couples and he confirmed that they are.After that the spirits of the couple appeared on them and praised the Supreme General for putting them in life.Celia asked if who they are and pointed them as Mistress Alicia and Sir Gavrial,but Gavrial said to Celia that she should just call them their parents that if it werent for their daughter,she herself will not exist that whom Le'aviel had created.Gabe commits at Gill to defend the whole mansion and the last human Traezier living and notified that even they are humans who are associated with the Alxerions,they can be still harmed and be grasped by death and to Celia to live in their own mansion and added that it will yield her charisma.They both agreed and the two Traeziers went to the Alphalace.