The Spirition -The Rise is the twelfth chapter in the Alxerian Tales along with Feast in the High Sky as its first part.

New Characters:

  • Larry Kreese
  • The Null Slayer in which manifests Zaern.


Feast in the High SkyEdit

In that morning in the Alphalace dormitory which is found in front of Zeryn's mausoleum and beside the workshop and the armory,as always,the Supreme General is the first to be awoken as the ruler of the Alphans and Bluehearts while the other roommates are still asleep until that time his subordinate had awoken second and that moment in the calendar that as he looks at it that the current day is marked as his master's 1585th birthday,so he ran forward to the Headquarters and celebrated.Since the ruler is bored as a celebrator and nothing to do,Zaern suggests for a friendly fight along with his siblings in the sky and he approves to it. Later ,Rejenarav also looks at the calendar to check the current day and he saw the occasion and suddenly threw a party but before that he wakes all of the Alxerions and announced the festive event, even in the Encivils' realm.So that hours on,the whole palace is filled with merriment.As well as Kai-Yusav herself spectates the fight between his 'father' and to the three Zirlights in the Headquarters with Rejenarav (being a princess of the Alxerions is still eligible to enter it) while she intended to miss out the events happening at the second lounge in which involves Le'aviel such as a ball and others although in this time this is the rare time they fed upon human food as to differentiate over the classic the aftermath of the party,Gerssick rose spirits of some Encivils,including the two leaders.Some of the Alxerions seem to be totally knocked out after the merriment.

The Spirition I - The RiseEdit

In the next day in which the story occurs in the Varieleis room, the members seem to be disorganized as a sign of their intoxication, but that morning the two leaders are awake and Le'aviel is the one occupied in the desk and seems to have a problem.Kai-Yusav asks her why she is thinking of something and she stated about 'her soul of the lover's presence',although she said that Zaern as her father's assistant is busy and lively and so they had a friendly fight along with his brothers and her father that all of their attacks to each other are harmless and so she should not worry about it.But she said that it was not Zaern and instead it was an encivil.After the statement, it made Kai-Yusav burst in laughter and insulted her that how did she fell in love with such a low-ranked warrior despite her ranking as a leader. Later on, she gets serious again and told who is the Leiven minion and she named it Larry Kreese and feared not to tell it to Zaern himself but she is confident that he will not be mad when he heard it as Gerssick's assistant that also makes him to be obedient to the apex law. Kai-Yusav gave her courage to face him and the princess either will not bother their talk and their meeting between them, as the princess' speculation,she remembered of 'Larry' encountering a certain person that may build up to a fight between the two, so she teleported to the Second Lounge and about to find Zaern as he is always found either at the second lounge or to the Headquarters itself as Gerssick at some cases he needs help from him, and so she found him, reading. She accompanied him for the thing he is alone in the lounge but he may know that she have words to say to him and he was right and she warned him that keep an eye for a bald man, she said to him that she sensed the two approaching to the second lounge and fled to the headquarters along with the Supreme General as Rejenarav was in the first floor. And when the former couples arrive at the second lounge,Larry asks him who is the reading man, and she said about him without telling him that he is her current boyfriend but he know some of the information about them so he pushed her with such force and Larry is about to challenge Zaern, Le'aviel warns Larry about fighting a dangerous Alxerion but he did not care either so Zaern stood up and stopped reading and calls upon the power of the White Plane and gets infested by a Null Force that his half of his body covers it, retaining his half of his own body.As Kai-Yusav spectated, she dreaded of the 'Null Slayer' and Le'aviel described Zaern as 'the son of the Null Plane' and both of them expects Larry will end in the Void. They fought against each other until Gerssick turns around and about to restrain their fight and explained Kai-Yusav about the events, Gerssick then wonders how did Larry and Le'aviel sneaked Zeryn's strictness because of the fact that loving is banned at his regime. Rejenarav suddenly pops out of the headquarters and passed Gerssick's judge into him and he recalls on what he has heard on Gerssick and he judged that as the violation of the Love Limit that the jealous persons shall be punished, Larry is subjected to be executed by Zaern himself (in which he described him as his son) as the weapon. As his judgment, Zaern beated Larry with his own two hands and after that is he choked and sent him down to the Void, in the mentioned plane, Zakroll wonders why did he returned a spirit of an encivil back in his plane and he does not care about it ,instead he said that to dispose the sinner to the void.As he ascended back to the Alphalace, the Null Force returns back to its respective plane and Le'aviel went to him and madly asks why did he do it to him even though it was the Generals' decision and Zaern defended that if it wouldn’t for his jealousy, he will stay in this palace. Gerssick and Kai-Yusav said to her that she should deal with the rules and she is forced to be compliant, but later on she asks Zaern to be couples with her again.