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Chapter Length:Short

Summary - IEdit

This is most likely the addition of the epilogue of Chapter 4 of Version 1 and 2 but this time this part is titled :

Verdict of the high

Zakroll Maraiv is physically undead,but can revert itself into his human form when he leaves the Void of the Dead which is his habitat.

Brian and Jade's souls were being sent to the Void of the Dead as they were killed by the Avenger (Gill),since Brian is innocent but is forced to accompany Jade,he is brought to life to Bluehearts while Jade remains on the void to work for him.

Summary - IIEdit

Only Gerssick heard a toll of a bell,in which is the time of the revelation of a 'true leader' whom he assigned for a group.He went to a room that is locked and is forbidden for anyone to enter but him.He observed the door much who is inside of it.Inside it is a woman in a capsule/cylinder filled with runic liquids,reaching her absolute power that she broke it by herself,As the door itself is also sealed,she also unsealed it and opened with force that it created a very loud bang,all personnels in the Alphalace awoke and heard it.Other Varieleis wondered,but Kai-Yusav herself told that her release in the room must not be taken seriously of,for they have the capability of forgetting a leader (Le'aviel) and so,defending its reputation against oblivion.They asked why did he seal Kai-Yusav.Gerssick stated that he wanted her to be powerful(in which he metaphorically told,"I wanted her to be as sharp as a razor when she strikes").