• Remvern Zirlight
  • An unknown person that is said to be a Xazanian


Kai-Yusav wanted to go to Darkslate as she said to her creator.So she went to the mentioned place with her teammates (except for Leaviel who decided to be left in the palace),with the Astral Brothers and Celia to visit Darkslate in which the princess had desired to go to.In the tower,they have seen Remvern Zirlight and made a talk about the past events in Bluehearts and later after their talk,they have seen an adventurer in which Mark said earlier that it was Earl.As Earl approached the peak,on his observance he saw that Mark and Remvern are similar and this started to reveal by Remvern that he is the creator of Mark and Mark is surprised on what he has heard from Remvern as he thought that he was just a clone of him as lied by Jeniere/Geziniere to him and said that he should not know it previously.Now Earl asked why are the other Alxerions and humans here and Remvern said that they was just his visitors,now the adventurer was there in the peak,he know that he has a quest to finish,so Rishan accompanied Earl to go to Brainrust where Remvern commanded to take the repaired ship from Zerail and slays Netrites then took the Arkhenites along with Sophia/Max'ovian.Their last objective is to fight the guardian,the Giant Netrite which located at the boundary of Darkslate and a certain place and after they have defeated the giant,Earl got a duel with Jeniere and unfortunately,Earl got lost over her and hesitated that he should have been learned more from Ixen in its university in Bluehearts.


  • Earl's defeat against Jeniere is actually a reference in which the author himself discontinues the Alxerian Quest which last stopped at the fight with Geziniere in Chapter 10:Zappen City in which Darkslate's title has been taken.