New characters appeared:


Gerssick just decided to leave the void of his master after a talk with him.When he already left the void into the Alphalace he heard Zeryn's voice and so he went to it,after all he saw his best friend's apparition.Gerssick had a talk with him and after that Zeryn commanded to throw down his ashes below him and the time he made it,Zeryn transforms into its new form as General Rejenarav Astar.In their release on the small room he didnt recognized the encivil leaders a bit as he hadn't followed the promotion of the two encivil after the former leaders' death.The three creations of the Zirlights have felt a strange aura and teleported to the palace,leading them to recognize their new grandcreator.Other than that,Gerssick saw a ball like thing at the second lounge which after that it was Dhimeirann's successful act of teleporting into another planet - the ruler of the Halzamerians.