From the Alphalace in flight, the Marshal drives the airship and from one another General to accompany him. In the castle, Kairie occupies the throne of his father. The Redemption of the exiled Alphan and Leah comes nearer to the King and asked, “Our General, now Lerisse had returned,  what can she do then?”

“Be thankful to the Hexans that and of my opportunity to change the law. if it weren’t for them, Lerisse would not return back here. And the most, to your deceased mentor.From Lerisse as his instrument, from Lord Alkhrus as the one who made the instrument, and not if it weren’t for these, what would be the fate of the Alphans and the Encivils? Involving themselves into several issues of undesirable affections perhaps? By the way, Leah, where in this place have you been? Did you know that you are being rummaged by your own parents? Neither someone cannot see you.”

“I do not know, General. I was just at my room, spent my whole time at there with each other. But where are they?

“Only Kairie was the one whom does not know your parents, unfortunately. But they could be here in this ship. If you did not found them at here, check the entire castle. But if all thing comes into a disappointment, you have to get on the last plan to check the house of yours.”, Leah exits from the headquarters and started finding her parents but she have never been found her parents at the ship, so continuing the ransack the castle but she have never been found them once again at that place. Continuing to find them at the mansion, but being dumbfounded. Leah goes to the headquarters once again to report the things, ”Master, I did not managed to see them at these two places. I had to get down to the community, but I am afraid to show myself over there. Can you please let me be trained to turn into another?” , Jared had to coach her to use shape-shifting magic that will turn her into other else than her physique, yet reminding her, “You should use it in a reasonable matter and with infrequence, albeit I consider this for you as essential.”

“I’ll be with politeness with this spell.”, casting  to be shape-shifted immediately, she turned out into her past self that had surprised Jared and disturbed by its nostalgic memories.Taking the image of its own creation except for itself was being covered by the magnificence of the deceased couple of Polaris, having yellow, lustrous and crimped hair, sporting white blouse with its sleeves running down to its elbow and an extended skirt  dissimilar to its successor, retaining its purple eyes and its amulet. Moving to her own house. School’s out on those days and the Yubians are now savoring the hours that was usually used to spent those on studying. Leah upon entering the house without the notice of the current inhabitants, was being confident upon entering and remembering her good old days. Gill have heard this from above and climbs down. Upon climbing down, he gets surprised and says, “Was that you, Lady Alicia the Second?!”

“Yes, this is me. Your memories haven’t been fooled by the history, have you?” , the Astars have been filled with awe as they saw an actual resident of the mansion which they are now the benefactors of itself which if not seen in the past, was reenacted by herself. Her search towards her parents’ spirits was resumed and after a few moments, the two appeared and gives her a tight embrace.“Oh there you are, my daughter!”, Alicia worrily said to her, “Where have you been  and we cannot find you?”,  Gavrial asked. For their short remembrance, they apologized to her for not going to their room at first which she occupies. Suddenly, Mark goes out of the house, with Gregory asking him, “Where will you go, Mark?”

“The real thing is that I wanted to know more about them.”

“Then why go out and by yourself? You can just talk to us.” Gavrial encouraged.

“Don’t tell this right here, father. I will be kept stuck in this house and for me as an Alphan,I won’t like to settle here for this time, and people might ruin the history. I believe to the General that he has the way to tell the history.”

“Let us go then, Alicia.”. As they go out, they found out that someone was missing at theiir company, which was an another  family member of the Polaris. Alicia took the lead to enter her house at there and to fetch her,she said, “Come at here, missy, you had to join us.”.Celia easily got joined by them and to their destination they went to the Alphalace by teleportation to let know of the things that Mark desired to know. Particularly at the upper lounge sitting in the seats with a table, Jared turns back to see who are the persons behind him as of his instincts.”Oh, now you are into one. Since this family of Polaris have been all reunited, should I be with you all.”. Jared joined at the table of a discussion. Once again, Mark requests for telling a story, but a short while an argument was made, whether Alicia or Gavrial will take the lead of storytelling, until Alicia takes one. “Beforehand, I am glad for someone had the fond for history and curiosity. As far as I recollect, I grew from Keriskia or currently Darkslate, from a family of nomads. They are know to create certain artifacts. Yet in one misty day, there are bandits that have infiltrated that place and my parents told that to flee that state as possible for my own safety. For that situation, I have been known by myself that they are already dead, although I did not know where their bodies are found, neither the artifacts they made.”

“Yet how did Keriskia turn black and instead called Darkslate?”

“At the murder of her parents, Lord Alkhrus managed to descend to Keriskia to avenge for the innocents’ death by the hoodlums that has nothing to do than to search and destroy.He had to take their artifacts for his theory that the things they made have o be  kept for the flow of time.Due to his unraveled might, Arkhenites have been smothered with its thick layers and freezing the bandits, and just had to shatter them each into shards which before then got no towers,but only shards of rocks, which is why Darkslate had many plates of Arkhenites erected everywhere.”

Continued by Alicia, “From one place to Azadia, there I evacuated myself  and unnoticed there was a tribes camp which I met him.”, She points Gavrial. “For my first thought they take no prisoners, until to the point that they have the religion as the highest point of priority, while me having no religion. I let myself to enter the tribes with fear, but their goodwill made me to cope with them and so, the peace was being achieved for years, but there must be a change when he decided to betroth upon me.”

“Considering by myself that she’s no ordinary woman unlike all other women from our clan. Tribe Chief Zara Polaris decided for us to live somewhere else from the southern state of Azadia, which many of us fear to get into, but since I trust Chief Zara and I know of him as an accurate seer, he knew that we will not be cursed upon Lord Alkhrus’ sorceries and to say it was just a little bit few steps ahead to the encampment of him which this, and that.”

We did not expect for our residence in that place homeless we will be seen by Lord Alkhrus with him and General Zeryn and instead of a curse, a blessing was given, a mansion that have persisted about semi-millenial years until now. There we continued ourselves as Encivil Leaders with the supremacy of General Zirlight.”

Gill have asked,"I'm sorry for not gathering information about him since our creation. How great was General Zirlight back when he was ruling?"

Jared was disappointed and said to him, "It was a pity for not discovering your questions about him.”
“Since I was just a General coordinate or the Second General of the Alphans,he does handled the whole Alphan community, but within the persons he loved, those were the Polaris. Back when they passed away, the ruler have also stood as the lady’s mentor, though he also had died several years have past.”

“How did they die? We only know that Alphans neither do age,nor get illnesses. Did someone murdered them or two?”

“They are being slain. If it weren’t for yoiur grandcreator’s experimental creature, the runeborn Alphan, Devon whom had sacrificed himself, Lady Alicia wouldn’t be the first nonregular encivil to die. That crazed being have injured Havi by destroying himself near the bird by letting much energy around him and Havi have never battled again, yet have commanded other of his underlings to resume assailing. Three hundred years ago, the Great Transient Xazanian War, those were busy hours of fighting, devastating and obliterating lives. Alicia and Gavrial are those who led the the minions’ war in the encivil’s side, in cooperation with the Halzamerian Maxarias, but the queue of minions have stirred when Levius takes on the way by clearing our minions on its path, whilst the minions we attacked aren’t Zelarians, it was considered both an ambush and surprise. At the swipe of its claws,hitting Alicia with such force that she was being killed along with the minions. Gavrial, attempting for retribution due to its relationship to the killed ones as his wife, also failed doing so and instead joins to her death. Zeryn, by the lost of her two beloved encivil leaders, gets consumed by its unearthly wrath as his confrontation against Levius, have no fear in his arrival. His wrath became his invulnerability and immortality. The serpentine general swiped him,like what he had done to the two Polaris, but on that time it was just a woundless scratch for himg. In his turn, still wielding  its bow, used it to fire a large arrow and accelerates to it after the arrow hits the beast. After slash, Levius managed to retreat, but Zeryn’s rage bursts again and gets fiercer,calling the hiding larger serpentine. When Revirugus have showed , Beforehand Zeryn asked a requisition for casting Fire Maxima from Lord Alkhrus’ force.Although less powerful than an Ultima, it was way denser than my rendition of Ultima for clearly because of it was from the might of Lord Alkhrus. While empowering the star by its mind, the fireballs  had to follow the caster. On Revirugus’ vision, the star was still tiny while empowered for too long while they’re fighting,mocking about the star. Halting the enrichment, his pause was the sign and the end of the Zelarian leader and the expected fate of the entire Zelarians. His rage have entirely consumed him, entering the state of the Netherworld’s Upheaval.”