This is the first chapter of The Alxerian Tales.The Zelarians attempt to conquer Bluehearts and take Alicia's amulet.


Bluehearts,the city of peace,a part of Azadia,a part of many territories in Zaragor,one of the planets in the star system which the star who sustains life in it was called Xoracris.

It is a habit for Blueheartians to sleep during afternoon,and for this time is the most boring time for them until a rumble disturbed them.

Gill Konrade Astar got awoken and wondered about a noise created by a certain thing.He went out and he was surprised on what he saw.The beasts are those who gets into his eyes,now he reflects on what he can do to those.He thought of a diary that was owned by one of the Traeziers,and reads it again with these words written on it "While i,and my husband Gabe,are exploring through Mount Fylzaria,we saw an island that isnt discovered yet.So we asked Superior Zeryn to take a flight to that island.After all we saw a large gem on this cold gets animated and welcomed us here,after we have a good talk,it gave me an amulet. "Take care of this arcane amulet",the Crystallyx said to us.We know this'll be a legacy soon to our daughter. - Alicia Traezier " and one that is not a Traezier onto his eyes wrote on it. "Yesterday,the great war totally made me cry a bit,thanks to General Zeryn who reconstructed my hope and got mother Alicia's amulet and gave it to me.The only thing i did is to hide it in our house where no one can see. - Leaviel Zeryon".Observing the log of the two,he searched through somewhere else


  • Gill got the amulet,though Leaviel said "the amulet is hid where no one can see".This is probably the amulet is esoteric and Gill is a Alxerian Gene traced Human,letting him know about it.