Battle Royalties is the ninth chapter of the literary work,The Alxerian Tales.

New Characters:

  • Ozian
  • Rieen Vurqunia
  • (The mysterious character which said to be Dhimeirann's coordinate)


As Dhimeirann had been teleported to the Alphalace (and to Zaragor),he stated they have a problem about them although it was late enough for the problem to be solved (since its already 16:31) yet as the curious ruler, he asked about it and Dhimeirann said that the ghost of the Solar King is haunting them.They went to Xazania to evacuate all the Maxarias ( the equivalent of the encivils) into their realm that is the same as the encivils as safety against future conquest.Dhimeirann also notified the Supreme General about a newspaper titled 'XZ News' with the headline of the conquest of the Solarians after the regicide in the past times("Solarians conquered after regicide"),later Gerssick asked Dhimeirann about a woman in which he asked,"Where is she?",implying the coordinate is female and he answered that she is ought to be in a long quest and he dont know where she is now so they returned back to the Alphalace and they are all slept there.In the next day,they went to Xazania and confronted Ur-za'jan.They fought against each other until to the point the spirit of the Solar King insulted Alkhrus.As his abhorrence towards the Solar King,he commanded Gerssick to call power from the cosmic mistress and so he did.In the natural satellite of Zaragor,Rieen had seen the call,and she granted him power and hinted a sign of her attraction.Gerssick,along with his sword empowered by the cosmic mistress gathered more courage to exterminate his opponent and the king got scared not because of Gerssick's might,but to Rieen's,this made Dhimeirann curious about the scaredyness of the king to the cosmic mistress and neither Rejenarav did not know.Gerssick also got more aggressive and Rieen is impressed of him.In order to finish the fight,the Supreme General siphoned his body (the soul).Later Dhimeirann thanked of him and asked his question and his answer is:Rieen is a very tough woman that all of the Ascaraphians are defeated except for the one who rules the Astrals.The two Generals returning to the Alphalace,Rejenarav went to the first lounge for a while and to the second lounge,there is someone teleporting again,and it was Rieen,she tempted Gerssick positively and offers him to stay in with her at her mansion,but Gerssick said that he is busy on ruling the whole city,and agreed if ever he has a free time and Rieen left the palace.Rejenarav arrives in the Headquarters and asked who is the person who arrived in above and admitted it was Rieen,saying those words,Rejenarav quite insults Gerssick about having a queen in the palace,yet he counters that Alkhrus will not agree with it.He went to the Void (Alkhrus') to have another talk regarding to its burdened soul.