Characters Appeared:

Alxerian Banes:

  • Avenger (Normal)


  • Geziniere Vierenn
  • Max'ovian Kon'vex
  • (mentioned) Rishan Vierenn


This follows the latest version, V5 At afternoon,Gill wanted to walk at the park.....while Jade is hiding under plants to time her attack,when Gill already went at the point near the plants where Jade is hiding,she rushes and kills Gill by throwing a knife at his back.Celia's instincts were snapped and went to the park.She mourned for his death, but she got assassinated by Jade.Moments earlier, Zaern got a sudden headache while he is smithing,he then said it to Gerssick,the General signed for the start of the war.Zaern thought of Gerssick's predictions that he and Le'aviel will suffer.He then went to Varieleis room to check the status.In the mentioned room,Leaviel herself wondered why her heartbeat were that loud,Max'ovian told of the phenomenon that it is a sign of certain death,the time Celia was slain,Leaviel lost its consciousness.Geziniere calls for help,Zaern opened the door and she (Geziniere) gets a bit mad for men should not open the door (revealing the Varieleis room is a type of harem) until she realized that the man was Zaern which is the one always concerned to Le'aviel.He carried Le'aviel and sent to the General to aid her.Gerssick commanded Lara - The Ravienaei Leader,to revive the two and put Gill in Mount Fylzaria to make him an avenger,as an enigmatic magus.Then after the transformations are done,Lara and Celia evacuated to the Alphalace.When Jade and Brian reached the top of the mountain,they encountered Gill as an avenger,Jade has the amulet of tenfold lives so it can equalize the avenger's longevity.They still end killed by the Avenger's flame (which it was cryptically illustrated as two warriors having their anti-dragonfire shield defied and captioned 'not even asbestos is enough')

The Invocation of the AvengerEdit

"In the power of Alkhrus the Great,
With our fervently, zealous faith,
We invoke the Avenger the great,
To oppressors be obliterate(d)
Representing the null's might
Even the heroes feared to fight;
Valiant 'venturers fought and tried
But its smite did not make them abide
Then again,we call upon this beast
Whose only desire is pure justice;
General's favor is to unseal
the Avenger he wants to unseal!


  • The name of the Ravienaei Leader was revealed here and she was Lara Sereivenn.
  • Geziniere notified,"Seriously,no men is eligible to enter this room,even opening this door".this implies that the room for Varieleis is a 'harem''' (but later on,Max'ovian let Gill enter their room to fetch Leaviel.
  • In Version 1 to 4 (as stated by Null),Gill transformed into two phases.
    • In Version 1,3,and 4,Gill transformed as Normal and Death Avengers,v1 has layered wings.
    • In Version 2,Gill transformed from an Avenger to a Suprema Destroyer
  • The Version 5 Avenger got a graphical change.
  • In Version 5,Zi'xien Vierenn 's name was changed into Rishan.