This is a part of Jade's Enmities series.(First Part of the series)


Ravien Col Maczia - or The Academy of Technology,in which many wants to be successful.

Park Freedom - a desolate park........but is totally free to do anything (except for occupying a house) which said by most Zaragorians that going into the park is yet the most boring for their activities are much plausible than strolling in the park. New Characters:

  • Jade (has a surname of Tairuv in Version 4)
  • Brian (has a surname of Ujers in Version 4)
  • Zaern Zirlight - the first who is the silhouette of an unknown Alxerion
  • Alexian (with former name as Agner) - the best friend of Gill
  • Pete - an ordinary collegiate student which has Celia as his friend.
  • Celia Lisa Traezier - A Vaigesen (4 - 2) student whom is Gill's suitor


The University of Bluehearts,in which Gill and other Zaragorians has a chance to learn and is the most popular in the whole world, and Ixen stated here that as like all of the institutions of education,their objective is to make all people to be developed persons in a community.Representing in the first section in the fourth year in the college,(excluding their unmentioned classmates) Jade,Brian,Gill and his siblings and Alexian while in the second ones are Celia and Pete. While it is the start of their vacation....Jade who Gill loves whom attracted on her because of Jade's beauty in Gill's vision and thoughts and to her in which it was several months that they have been with each other but in this day he gets double crossed that she is along with Brian;Jade told about her and Brian at Alexian.Since Jade is sometimes a dull person or a ditz, that she didnt even knew that he(Alexian) is Gill's best friend.When Alexian told about it, Gill got shocked about the news delivered by his best friend,and Alexian advised Gill that to woo Celia and he ensured that they will be compatible as of his talk with Pete with Celia about Celia's desperation towards her chance to get Gill and even she said to Pete that she is fated to have Gill as her lover according to 'her mother' and Alexian even added that in his talk with Pete,she is told to be the most beautiful of all women in their class and Gill is missing the chance to 'claim the prize',so Gill agreed with his advice and he went out to.Jade,as a creative person,knew how to turn over them,so she found a pit and she planned to fall them.Continuing from the walk in the park,they see Celia,idling in a bench.Jade lured her and got fallen on the pit.Regarding Alexian's words on Gill,he went to the pit by worry,as he heard the voice of her,and he helped Celia as his goodwill and venges against Jade as if it was 'an eye for an eye' and leaves them.After escorting Celia towards her home,their emotions are engulfed with their embarassment that Celia herself just thanked and embraced him and Gill didnt speak either.

Whi;e on the other side,Brian helped Jade raise her from the pit and she observes at the port which she saw a large ship,as her curiosity she planned on the next day to infiltrate the Alphalace,while Brian is afraid of it since according to their professor,there in that place they will find the toughest celestials that humans should never confront and if they,will end themselves dead but Jade herself did not care,instead found a strategy to infiltrate it.

In Alphalace,The Unknown Alxerion as a silhouette spoke again about what Gill did on Celia.Gerssick foretells the Encivil leaders and Zaern,which is the 'silhouette',to be as weak as a human to equalize the power of Jade and Brian,and Gerssick foretells that Zaern and Leaviel will be harmed.


  • Alexian has different names that has undergone:Alex in Version 1 and 2,Agner in Version 3 and 4,and Alexian in Version 5.