This is the second part of Jade's enmities subseries.

They are already prepared and armed as from Jade's curious plans,she and Brian will infiltrate the Alphalace but Brian seemed to be hesitating on their entrance but for Jade it is a benefit.By Gerssick's merciful plan of letting them here in the Alphalace,he gave two lives each and it was granted and when the two entered the Alphalace grounds,one attacked a Ravienaei sa their initial attack and some of its colleagues were helped to attack them until Jade and Brian have reached the second lounge in where they encountered the Ravienaei Leader.Jade gets arrogant that she even said to the Ravienaei Leader that she is pretter than her,but she got countered by saying that the Leader is far enough sacred than Jade (although their beauty does not even make each other different and Jade's statement is just an insult) and in the tally of attacks, The Magus Leader casted a tier 3 fire spell at Jade,but it was absorbed by its armor and returns it back to the leader,but for her it was harmless and they ridiculously didnt know that 'Alphan Magicians' spells never gets hurt by its own spell' so its the magician's turn and casted a tier 4 earth spell and it hit its head,killing Brian.At his (temporary) death,Jade got mad and rushes at the mage,but Jade got stunned and casts a tier 4 fire missile and after her recovery against the stun,she threw a sword and to the opposite attacks the Jade is killed but the Ravienaei Leader herself relocated to the Headquarters,after the first bout,the two have respawned and they encountered the Leiven Leader next.The Leader of the warriors is very agile and is strong that physical attacks from Jade and Brian are dodged and the two are like defenseless against the Leiven Leader and their only thing to survive is also their agility.Suppose the Leiven Leader's strength,even equalized as said by Gerssick,he made a condition that despite being an overpowered encivil,when the two die,himself will retreat and let them fight the last enemy which is Zaern.and so it occured.In their last fight,the bout started when a dark essence has appeared on them and Brian did not expect it as how he said that even 'Celestials' had their hidden darkness. Also according to Gerssick's suggestions to Zaern,he sent his shadow form in which Gerssick said that the shadow of him is the 'Halvenian Ego' in addition to the two's extension of lives that the General added one lives for each instead of killing them legitimately and landing them back to Bluehearts Grounds as his boredom to the suspense.For shadow Zaern,Jade and Brian is just a piece of cake to kill them.

When they are respawned to the Park,Jade's ultimate plan is being executed: The plan of killing Gill to have tranquility in their life,but still Brian is so afraid of it but to deal with it.


  • In the first and the second version,although both drawn in stickmen,the two Leaders were based off of pokemons,Gardevoir and Gallade as they both resemble to them,until arrival of the new age of Alxerian Tales which is Version 3 and 4.
    • In Version 3 and 4,as subject of this era,received a massive update,like having a classification among the two like Ravienaeis instead of GR# and Leivens instead of GL#,but their armor parts are separately organized to it as like a moving puzzle,until they received once again a graphical update in Version 5 in which they are now humanly.

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