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The story starts with Gill Konrade Astar,sleeping on a couch,until he heard a rumble from the earth......when he knew about the diary from Alicia Traezier who told about their adventure on Crantaze and about the Crystallyx.

Traeziers' diary: The Traeziers and the Crystallyx


~Alicia Traezier

While i,and my husband Gabe,are exploring through Mount Fylzaria,we saw an island that isnt discovered yet.So we asked Superior Zeryn to take a flight to that island.After all we saw a large gem on this cold gets animated and welcomed us here,after we have a good talk,it gave me an amulet. "Take care of this arcane amulet",the Crystallyx said to us.We know this'll be a legacy soon to our daughter.

Leaviel's Requiem {C}


~Leaviel Zeryon

Yesterday,the great war totally made me cry a bit,thanks to General Zeryn who reconstructed my hope and got mother Alicia's amulet and gave it to me.The only thing i did is to hide it in our house where no one can see.

He took that amulet and gets teleported to Port Vyre,and went to Alphalace.Gerssick told about it to Le'aviel and also about fighting Zelarians.Gill fought the Zelarians. and after that Gill gave the amulet to Leaviel as the legacy.


he University of Bluehearts,in which Gill and other Zaragorians has a chance to learn and is the most popular in the whole world, and Ixen stated here that as like all of the institutions of education,their objective is to make all people to be developed persons in a community.Representing in the first section in the fourth year in the college,(excluding their unmentioned classmates) Jade,Brian,Gill and his siblings and Alexian while in the second ones are Celia and Pete. While it is the start of their vacation....Jade who Gill loves whom attracted on her because of Jade's beauty in Gill's vision and thoughts and to her in which it was several months that they have been with each other but in this day he gets double crossed that she is along with Brian;Jade told about her and Brian at Alexian.Since Jade is sometimes a dull person or a ditz, that she didnt even knew that he(Alexian) is Gill's best friend.When Alexian told about it, Gill got shocked about the news delivered by his best friend,and Alexian advised Gill that to woo Celia and he ensured that they will be compatible as of his talk with Pete with Celia about Celia's desperation towards her chance to get Gill and even she said to Pete that she is fated to have Gill as her lover according to 'her mother' and Alexian even added that in his talk with Pete,she is told to be the most beautiful of all women in their class and Gill is missing the chance to 'claim the prize',so Gill agreed with his advice and he went out to.Jade,as a creative person,knew how to turn over them,so she found a pit and she planned to fall them.Continuing from the walk in the park,they see Celia,idling in a bench.Jade lured her and got fallen on the pit.Regarding Alexian's words on Gill,he went to the pit by worry,as he heard the voice of her,and he helped Celia as his goodwill and venges against Jade as if it was 'an eye for an eye' and leaves them.After escorting Celia towards her home,their emotions are engulfed with their embarassment that Celia herself just thanked and embraced him and Gill didnt speak either.

Whi;e on the other side,Brian helped Jade raise her from the pit and she observes at the port which she saw a large ship,as her curiosity she planned on the next day to infiltrate the Alphalace,while Brian is afraid of it since according to their professor,there in that place they will find the toughest celestials that humans should never confront and if they,will end themselves dead but Jade herself did not care,instead found a strategy to infiltrate it.

In Alphalace,The Unknown Alxerion as a silhouette spoke again about what Gill did on Celia.Gerssick foretells the Encivil leaders and Zaern,which is the 'silhouette',to be as weak as a human to equalize the power of Jade and Brian,and Gerssick foretells that Zaern and Leaviel will be harmed.


They are already prepared and armed as from Jade's curious plans,she and Brian will infiltrate the Alphalace but Brian seemed to be hesitating on their entrance but for Jade it is a benefit.By Gerssick's merciful plan of letting them here in the Alphalace,he gave two lives each and it was granted and when the two entered the Alphalace grounds,one attacked a Ravienaei sa their initial attack and some of its colleagues were helped to attack them until Jade and Brian have reached the second lounge in where they encountered the Ravienaei Leader.Jade gets arrogant that she even said to the Ravienaei Leader that she is pretter than her,but she got countered by saying that the Leader is far enough sacred than Jade (although their beauty does not even make each other different and Jade's statement is just an insult) and in the tally of attacks, The Magus Leader casted a tier 3 fire spell at Jade,but it was absorbed by its armor and returns it back to the leader,but for her it was harmless and they ridiculously didnt know that 'Alphan Magicians' spells never gets hurt by its own spell' so its the magician's turn and casted a tier 4 earth spell and it hit its head,killing Brian.At his (temporary) death,Jade got mad and rushes at the mage,but Jade got stunned and casts a tier 4 fire missile and after her recovery against the stun,she threw a sword and to the opposite attacks the Jade is killed but the Ravienaei Leader herself relocated to the Headquarters,after the first bout,the two have respawned and they encountered the Leiven Leader next.The Leader of the warriors is very agile and is strong that physical attacks from Jade and Brian are dodged and the two are like defenseless against the Leiven Leader and their only thing to survive is also their agility.Suppose the Leiven Leader's strength,even equalized as said by Gerssick,he made a condition that despite being an overpowered encivil,when the two die,himself will retreat and let them fight the last enemy which is Zaern.and so it occured.In their last fight,the bout started when a dark essence has appeared on them and Brian did not expect it as how he said that even 'Celestials' had their hidden darkness. Also according to Gerssick's suggestions to Zaern,he sent his shadow form in which Gerssick said that the shadow of him is the 'Halvenian Ego' in addition to the two's extension of lives that the General added one lives for each instead of killing them legitimately and landing them back to Bluehearts Grounds as his boredom to the suspense.For shadow Zaern,Jade and Brian is just a piece of cake to kill them.

When they are respawned to the Park,Jade's ultimate plan is being executed: The plan of killing Gill to have tranquility in their life,but still Brian is so afraid of it but to deal with it.


At afternoon,Gill wanted to walk at the park.....while Jade is hiding under plants to time her attack,when Gill already went at the point near the plants where Jade is hiding,she rushes and kills Gill by throwing a knife at his back.Celia's instincts were snapped and went to the park.She mourned for his death, but she got assassinated by Jade.Moments earlier, Zaern got a sudden headache while he is smithing,he then said it to Gerssick,the General signed for the start of the war.Zaern thought of Gerssick's predictions that he and Le'aviel will suffer.He then went to Varieleis room to check the status.In the mentioned room,Leaviel herself wondered why her heartbeat were that loud,Max'ovian told of the phenomenon that it is a sign of certain death,the time Celia was slain,Leaviel lost its consciousness.Geziniere calls for help,Zaern opened the door and she (Geziniere) gets a bit mad for men should not open the door (revealing the Varieleis room is a type of harem) until she realized that the man was Zaern which is the one always concerned to Le'aviel.He carried Le'aviel and sent to the General to aid her.Gerssick commanded Lara - The Ravienaei Leader,to revive the two and put Gill in Mount Fylzaria to make him an avenger,as an enigmatic magus.

"In the power of Alkhrus the Great,

With our fervently, zealous faith,

We invoke the Avenger the great,

To oppressors be obliterate(d)

Representing the null's might

Even the heroes feared to fight;

Valiant 'venturers fought and tried

But its smite did not make them abide

Then again,we call upon this beast

Whose only desire is pure justice;

General's favor is to unseal

the Avenger he wants to unseal!

Then after the transformations are done,Lara and Celia evacuated to the Alphalace.When Jade and Brian reached the top of the mountain,they encountered Gill as an avenger,Jade has the amulet of tenfold lives so it can equalize the avenger's longevity.They still end killed by the Avenger's flame (which it was cryptically illustrated as two warriors having their anti-dragonfire shield defied and captioned 'not even asbestos is enough')

V {C}

Brian and Jade's souls were being sent to the Void of the Dead as they were killed by the Avenger (Gill),since Brian is innocent but is forced to accompany Jade,he is brought to life to Bluehearts while Jade remains on the void to work for him;Only Gerssick heard a toll of a bell,in which is the time of the revelation of a 'true leader' whom he assigned for a group.He went to a room that is locked and is forbidden for anyone to enter but him.He observed the door much who is inside of it.Inside it is a woman in a capsule/cylinder filled with runic liquids,reaching her absolute power that she broke it by herself,As the door itself is also sealed,she also unsealed it and opened with force that it created a very loud bang,all personnels in the Alphalace awoke and heard it.Other Varieleis wondered,but Kai-Yusav herself told that her release in the room must not be taken seriously of,for they have the capability of forgetting a leader (Le'aviel) and so,defending its reputation against oblivion.They asked why did he seal Kai-Yusav.Gerssick stated that he wanted her to be powerful(in which he metaphorically told,"I wanted her to be as sharp as a razor when she strikes"). {C}


Kai-Yusav wanted to go to Darkslate as she said to her creator.So she went to the mentioned place with her teammates (except for Leaviel who decided to be left in the palace),with the Astral Brothers and Celia to visit Darkslate in which the princess had desired to go to.In the tower,they have seen Remvern Zirlight and made a talk about the past events in Bluehearts and later after their talk,they have seen an adventurer in which Mark said earlier that it was Earl.As Earl approached the peak,on his observance he saw that Mark and Remvern are similar and this started to reveal by Remvern that he is the creator of Mark and Mark is surprised on what he has heard from Remvern as he thought that he was just a clone of him as lied by Jeniere/Geziniere to him and said that he should not know it previously.Now Earl asked why are the other Alxerions and humans here and Remvern said that they was just his visitors,now the adventurer was there in the peak,he know that he has a quest to finish,so Rishan accompanied Earl to go to Brainrust where Remvern commanded to take the repaired ship from Zerail and slays Netrites then took the Arkhenites along with Sophia/Max'ovian.Their last objective is to fight the guardian,the Giant Netrite which located at the boundary of Darkslate and a certain place and after they have defeated the giant,Earl got a duel with Jeniere and unfortunately,Earl got lost over her and hesitated that he should have been learned more from Ixen in its university in Bluehearts.

IX {C}

Gerssick just decided to leave the void of his master after a talk with him.When he already left the void into the Alphalace he heard Zeryn's voice and so he went to it,after all he saw his best friend's apparition.Gerssick had a talk with him and after that Zeryn commanded to throw down his ashes below him and the time he made it,Zeryn transforms into its new form as General Rejenarav Astar.In their release on the small room he didnt recognized the encivil leaders a bit as he hadn't followed the promotion of the two encivil after the former leaders' death.The three creations of the Zirlights have felt a strange aura and teleported to the palace,leading them to recognize their new grandcreator.Other than that,Gerssick saw a ball like thing at the second lounge which after that it was Dhimeirann's successful act of teleporting into another planet - the ruler of the Halzamerians. {C}

X {C}

As Dhimeirann had been teleported to the Alphalace (and to Zaragor),he stated they have a problem about them although it was late enough for the problem to be solved (since its already 16:31) yet as the curious ruler, he asked about it and Dhimeirann said that the ghost of the Solar King is haunting them.They went to Xazania to evacuate all the Maxarias ( the equivalent of the encivils) into their realm that is the same as the encivils as safety against future conquest.Dhimeirann also notified the Supreme General about a newspaper titled 'XZ News' with the headline of the conquest of the Solarians after the regicide in the past times("Solarians conquered after regicide"),later Gerssick asked Dhimeirann about a woman in which he asked,"Where is she?",implying the coordinate is female and he answered that she is ought to be in a long quest and he dont know where she is now so they returned back to the Alphalace and they are all slept there.In the next day,they went to Xazania and confronted Ur-za'jan.They fought against each other until to the point the spirit of the Solar King insulted Alkhrus.As his abhorrence towards the Solar King,he commanded Gerssick to call power from the cosmic mistress and so he did.In the natural satellite of Zaragor,Rieen had seen the call,and she granted him power and hinted a sign of her attraction.Gerssick,along with his sword empowered by the cosmic mistress gathered more courage to exterminate his opponent and the king got scared not because of Gerssick's might,but to Rieen's,this made Dhimeirann curious about the scaredyness of the king to the cosmic mistress and neither Rejenarav did not know.Gerssick also got more aggressive and Rieen is impressed of him.In order to finish the fight,the Supreme General siphoned his body (the soul).Later Dhimeirann thanked of him and asked his question and his answer is:Rieen is a very tough woman that all of the Ascaraphians are defeated except for the one who rules the Astrals.The two Generals returning to the Alphalace,Rejenarav went to the first lounge for a while and to the second lounge,there is someone teleporting again,and it was Rieen,she tempted Gerssick positively and offers him to stay in with her at her mansion,but Gerssick said that he is busy on ruling the whole city,and agreed if ever he has a free time and Rieen left the palace.Rejenarav arrives in the Headquarters and asked who is the person who arrived in above and admitted it was Rieen,saying those words,Rejenarav quite insults Gerssick about having a queen in the palace,yet he counters that Alkhrus will not agree with it.He went to the Void (Alkhrus') to have another talk regarding to its burdened soul.

12 pt 1 and 2 {C}

In that morning in the Alphalace dormitory which is found in front of Zeryn's mausoleum and beside the workshop and the armory,as always,the Supreme General is the first to be awoken as the ruler of the Alphans and Bluehearts while the other roommates are still asleep until that time his subordinate had awoken second and that moment in the calendar that as he looks at it that the current day is marked as his master's 1585th birthday,so he ran forward to the Headquarters and celebrated.Since the ruler is bored as a celebrator and nothing to do,Zaern suggests for a friendly fight along with his siblings in the sky and he approves to it. Later ,Rejenarav also looks at the calendar to check the current day and he saw the occasion and suddenly threw a party but before that he wakes all of the Alxerions and announced the festive event, even in the Encivils' realm.So that hours on,the whole palace is filled with merriment.As well as Kai-Yusav herself spectates the fight between his 'father' and to the three Zirlights in the Headquarters with Rejenarav (being a princess of the Alxerions is still eligible to enter it) while she intended to miss out the events happening at the second lounge in which involves Le'aviel such as a ball and others although in this time this is the rare time they fed upon human food as to differentiate over the classic the aftermath of the party,Gerssick rose spirits of some Encivils,including the two leaders.Some of the Alxerions seem to be totally knocked out after the merriment.

In the next day in which the story occurs in the Varieleis room, the members seem to be disorganized as a sign of their intoxication, but that morning the two leaders are awake and Le'aviel is the one occupied in the desk and seems to have a problem.Kai-Yusav asks her why she is thinking of something and she stated about 'her soul of the lover's presence',although she said that Zaern as her father's assistant is busy and lively and so they had a friendly fight along with his brothers and her father that all of their attacks to each other are harmless and so she should not worry about it.But she said that it was not Zaern and instead it was an encivil.After the statement, it made Kai-Yusav burst in laughter and insulted her that how did she fell in love with such a low-ranked warrior despite her ranking as a leader. Later on, she gets serious again and told who is the Leiven minion and she named it Larry Kreese and feared not to tell it to Zaern himself but she is confident that he will not be mad when he heard it as Gerssick's assistant that also makes him to be obedient to the apex law. Kai-Yusav gave her courage to face her and the princess either will not bother their talk and their meeting between them, as the princess' speculation,she remembered of 'Larry' encountering a certain person that may build up to a fight between the two, so she teleported to the Second Lounge and about to find Zaern as he is always found either at the second lounge or to the Headquarters itself as Gerssick at some cases he needs help from him, and so she found him, reading. She accompanied him for the thing he is alone in the lounge but he may know that she have words to say to him and he was right and she warned him that keep an eye for a bald man, she said to him that she sensed the two approaching to the second lounge and fled to the headquarters along with the Supreme General as Rejenarav was in the first floor. And when the former couples arrive at the second lounge,Larry asks him who is the reading man, and she said about him without telling him that he is her current boyfriend but he know some of the information about them so he pushed her with such force and Larry is about to challenge Zaern, Le'aviel warns Larry about fighting a dangerous Alxerion but he did not care either so Zaern stood up and stopped reading and calls upon the power of the White Plane gets infested by a Null Force that his half of his body covers it, retaining his half of his own body.As Kai-Yusav spectated, she dreaded of the 'Null Slayer' and Le'aviel described Zaern as 'the son of the Null Plane' and both of them expects Larry will end in the Void. They fought against each other until Gerssick turns around and about to restrain their fight and explained Kai-Yusav about the events, Gerssick then wonders how did Larry and Le'aviel sneaked Zeryn's strictness because of the fact that loving is banned at his regime. Rejenarav suddenly pops out of the headquarters and passed Gerssick's judge into him and he recalls on what he has heard on Gerssick and he judged that as the violation of the Love Limit that the jealous persons shall be punished, Larry is subjected to execution with Zaern himself (in which he described him as his son) as the weapon. As his judgment, Zaern beated Larry with his own two hands and after that is he choked and sent him down to the Void, in the mentioned plane, Zakroll wonders why did he returned a spirit of an encivil back in his plane and he does not care about it ,instead he said that to dispose the sinner to the void.As he ascended back to the Alphalace,The Null force returns back to its respective plane and Le'aviel went to him and madly asks why he did it to Larry even though it was the Generals' decision and not to follow it,but he said that if it weren't for his jealousy, he will stay in this palace. Gerssick and Kai-Yusav said to her that she should deal with the rules and she is forced to be compliant, but later on she asks Zaern if he want to return with her as couples once again.


In the University of Bluehearts,Haisiikien (5-1) students wondered upon the absence of the Alphalace but Ixen told that they are out for a moment.

As of the acquaintance to the Ixen in Verilte,all the wise magicians in the centre of the University is not harmed.

The Hexans while going home,Gill hesitates that as an encivil,he asked why did they still need to learn at the university and the twin said that they are created so they still need to learn more on Ixen.As they approach inside the mansion,the Astars got pulled down by someone else and passes through the surface of the floor itself,neither Celia nor the twin did saw them.As on the brotherhood's situation,they are pulled into the Void of the Dead,while the three girls went to the second floor of the mansion and there is someone who insinuates onto them,possibly a woman about to welcome them at entering the mansion.Celia wonders if Le'aviel was at the mansion,but the twin objected that it was impossible and Alxerions never get out of the ship and if they,are very rare and the Alphalace does not seem to be at the sky,neither at the port,and Celia got afraid.In the Void of the Dead,Zakroll called them and the three wondered who it was and it the guardian introduced himself.Although Zakroll hesitating,he said that it was just his task being followed and is given by Gerssick that to pull out three creations.As Gerssick told to him that the twin has been harmed and a bane was summoned in protection of the two as royal encivils and the oppressor's essence was being sapped and in order to be freed,he need to pull three creations,especially the Astral Brothers.So the brotherhood agreed on Zakroll and have been sent to the mansion.

Moments Earlier,Celia changed its mind and decided to climb down along with the twin and Celia saw in the cornerside an apparition walking towards their dining room,she even inspected it,but nothing was found.Eline wondered why did she peeked up to that place and she said that there is a ghost that walked through the kitchen and to the dining room,but they found nothing,so they went up to the second floor and checks the first room in which they have found nothing,they also checked the second ones,but also did found nothing.Eline ensures that the three should not lead before them and Kriz gets afraid and told about their absence.Eline got also dreaded that they are stuck in a haunted mansion,but Celia relieved that she had trusted Gill as of their relationship and so she believed that she did not do even a serious,single antic to her nor to the twin,although she wondered that how do the three have passed through several ghosts in the mansion.While the girls are checking the attic,the three coincidentally returns back to the mansion and evenly creating footstep noises.Because of that,Celia gets a bit nervous and bravely checks the floor below,and at the corner,they accidentally bumped each other. Gill asked them curiously why did they checked the mansion.Celia gets afraid at their sudden appearance to them.The twin complained that there are ghosts haunting them and asked where are they been last few minutes.Now Mark asked who are the ghosts in the mansion who haunts them and they said that those were a man and a woman.Gill pauses and he climbed down and they followed him until they glanced at the frame of the Traeziers.They asked him that the ghosts were couples and he confirmed that they are.After that the spirits of the couple appeared on them and praised the Supreme General for putting them in life.Celia asked if who they are and pointed them as Mistress Alicia and Sir Gavrial,but Gavrial said to Celia that she should just call them their parents that if it werent for their daughter,she herself will not exist that whom Le'aviel had created.Gabe commits at Gill to defend the whole mansion and the last human Traezier living and notified that even they are humans who are associated with the Alxerions,they can be still harmed and be grasped by death and to Celia to live in their own mansion and added that it will yield her charisma.They both agreed and the two Traeziers went to the Alphalace.


The Astral Trio seemed to be consuming their breakfast and the twin is 'catering' in the Alphalace with their default diet which is a granulated substance in a canister (Arovoxil) while Celia herself is busy reading a certain book andf seems she is anorexic.They wondered what she is reading and Gill told it as the spellbook of Alicia Traezier which later they realized that Celia is the only on in their company that does not know magic.After they are finished,they went to the Alphalace by teleportation and this made Azure wonder about Celia not knowing magic but Gill stated that teleportation to the Alphalace is the only thing that the four can do (excluding the twin that they are naturally proficient to magic as Ravienaeis).As they headed themselves to the firsty lounge,they dont know where the second lounge is found, so they ask Ixen to locate it.In the second lounge they saw the twin,consuming their default food and the two questioned her what she is reading,and Celia proceeds on reading until a certain mage abducts her.Gerssick himself had seen the magus' presence as light.

While the five is still in the Alphalace,the General suggests to take a tour to the Encivils' realm and the twin as their tourguides.In the Encivils' realm,they landed on a knoll with a portal in its centerside and they saw no difference like in Bluehearts than the absence of the Alphalace and a bluer evnvironment.The first they went is the location of the ancient mansion.It is almost the same except the family frame seems to be lost and instead has a plaque on it under the honor of the former Encivil Leaders and those only high encivils are those who can occupy this,while The twin are royal encivils ,they have the eligibility to enter it but they have the will of refusing on entering encivil patroller (Leiven) walks in near to the mansion and it said that Larry is the one who resides the house but unfortunately he violated a rule of the Alxerions and so he was nearly exorcised and being incarcerated in the Void.The passerby neither didnt prohibit them and the five proceed in exploring the mansion.

After Celia had learned magic taught by Xenaira,the mage slyly gathered her genetic information and she teleports back to the Alphalace.The five has been signalled by Gerssick to return back to the palace as Celia's arrival.When they are all in the Alphalace,the twin examined her skills and it was good enough that she had reached the Tier 4 Elemental Spells,Celia even attempted to flirt Gill once again by 'saving her once again in a next time of a tragedy' but Gill himself got concerned in the serenity of the palace itself in addition of their remembrance of the lore of the lady in the Azadian Falls and all of them teleports back to the mansion .In the Void,Xenaira hurriedly ran to Alkhrus' temple and Dherico (The Leiven Leader of Leaders; her counterpart) and slammed the door of the pyramid temple,and she got noticed by him and Alkhrus as of her acts and she used scientific cloning in her laboratory in order for her plan to be complete as her plan is to create a clone of Celia as she is the only one in the Hexans who does not have a sibling while the two groups are as her payment as told to Alkhrus,and he was being noticed by Xenaira about things that will be disturbed.After about two hours her plan on cloning is a success and it was named Sergio Rico and surprisingly he has different appearances than the original itself,she gave initial objectives and let him descend to Bluehearts.In those times they are about to sleep as it was 15:00,Sergio enters the mansion and none of the Blueheartians have noticed him.Celia got awake on the entrance of him,although she didnt saw him,on the time she climbed up,he appears and somewhat ambushes her,and he confessed that he is her clone,In Celia's deep thought she realized that it was the reason she was being taken genetic information.Gill saw them holding hands and they explained that they are the same.He meditated and he got a thinking of an idea of her creator being not amused on how Sergio appeared as Celia's clone so he is about to check the Alphalace and he didnt see it in flight and instead destined to the Alphalace by its own since they can only teleport to the Alphalace only once a day.In the Alphalace,for Gill,he is not much acquainted with the geography of the Alphalace so he asks help from a Ravienaei who was seen in the first lounge,to find Le'aviel's location and she pointed where the Varieleisien leader was found but he meditated again that it would be bad if he led his plan to her first and decided to talk with the Generals yet he does not even know where are the ways to find the Generals since there are no stairs neither ladders in the palace but he saw chambers that he didnt knew before it is a portal that acts like an elevator.Upon hid ascendance to the second floor of the Alphalace,he was seen by Rikov and asked why he is there and he said that he wanted to talk with Gerssick but instead Rejenarav came forth on him and stated Gill's light complaint of Another form of Celia as a male ones(Sergio) to be the seventh member of the company and so the Hexans will change and not to be consistent.Albeit the General he has talked to didnt understand it,but instead told it to his companion,Gerssick and indeed he knew even some of that such as Celia's abduction by the grandmaster mage,Xenaira though he still had no knowledge regarding to a copy of Celia,even to say Xenaira is honest to Gerssick himself.So Gill went next to the Varieleis room and after Gill got out of the second floor then Xenaira is about to pop out of the Alphalace and they started to talk about the events and arguments made by the humans acquainted with them and might be to one of themselves.As Gill have destined to Varieleis room,there he called Le'aviel and stated his argument.Le'aviel herself trusted her own creation surely that he said to Gill that Celia will never ever find anymore men rather than him,even she had either a sibling or a copy of herself even it was a male and most likely will still love Gill than to herself yet she stated about Sergio that Le'aviel will treat him as her foster creation (son).Saying those words by the Second Glory herself,Gill understood anything and so the Hexans (including Sergio) flourished once again.