The Alphans are type of advanced humans whom are blessed with a magical and divine might from Arxus and its authorities given power,rendering them to be celestials .The Alphans was made by Arxus Nevium descended to Zaragor,the third planet from Xoracris

They have the power of near -immortality,as well as deitily strength and magics.

They have Nexhazyron's armies and generals as enemies as well as Alphans are Arxus' armies,such as the Zelarians led by Revirugus, the Vectors by Arcturus, the Aviants by Harvey, and the Shadows.Yet their only allied group was the Halzamerians and the Roxian army, ruled by Geneva and Jerome

Some civilians in BlueHearts(or other personnels) managed to follow Nerium,but however this is not a part of Alxerianism after all


Most Zaragorians say the Alxerions are somewhat 'dictators'.....except has benevolence lied in each members,though there are some circumstances that they go bad over them,such as executing two Blueheartians by an Avenger(Chapter IV) for killing Gill and Celia.Gill opinionized that they are governing a military monarchy regime for they are following military ranks and for its leader having the crown of the Supreme General (since the Alxerian word Kzhralqaz means 'king',only referred in ranks as supreme general/marshal)

Other subgroupsEdit


Varieleis ('Varie' ,Alxerian word for a female person and '-eleis', group) is a subclan/group of females working in the Alphans in certain missions.

Though,Varieleis' ranks are limited,as a head of the subclan reaches only a maximum of being a Nezzen Harvek(Master Captain).Varieleis was created by the Supreme General Gerssick V.Zarkon yet founded by Ezk. Kai-Yusav Naihara and Alicia Traezier II,now was Hvk. Leaviel Qeiarov Zeryon.

Their known place where they reside was in DarkSlate City(another place conquered by the Alxerions),It was written in Chapter 10 of the Alphans' Quest:Zappen City where Aczerevonn Coordinate Remvern Zirlight said that most of Varieleis went to DarkSlate to train assassination by Netrites found there.


Persons who serve as their army are called Encivils.The Encivils are divided into two:The Leivens or the Warriors ,the Leivens are not just simple warriors but they also specialize a tidbit of magic and the Ravienaeis who specializes magic and ranged attacks.The two have each leaders who specializes all aspects of attack.


Generally according to Alkhrus,the Alxerions are not totally immortal and most of all,not cosmic beings as well as not being Xazanians in contrary to their group name acronym.


See:The Halzamerians

The Halzamerians,(The Knights) are one of the Xazanian groups whom is told by Alkhrus as 'a tree stem' that the tree was implied as the Alxerions and the stem is the Halzamerians itself due they follow only one person and that is Alkhrus.It is being headed by Zafkrogn Dhimeirann Hajkronz at 785, and Gjeraiviah Zarkon as the coordinate general.

In his explanation,they are humans who became celestial beings by Alkhrus himself,thats why they cannot show themselves in public and they can also get out of Zaragor into space without any gears,thats why they can go from Zaragor to Xazania in any time.They are physically immortal,but their lifespan are being reduced as their magical power are increasing.When their magical power is at maximum,an Alxerion divides into more Alxerions.

Species such as the Forjles,Zelarians,and Habvenbergs and even cosmic being can hurt them.

A Kzhralqaz (Supreme General) can live up to 3000 years,including to the Supreme General's life before its final promotion.when it dies,it will divide into 7 Alxerions with a minimal rank of a Serevone.


Alxerianism is a principle created by Supreme General Gerssick V. Zarkon after his coronation being a king of the Alxerions.This belief was usually about love itself,and the The Love Limit was inclusive to this principle.This principle's goal is to find the true love by mutual,or natural means and avoid settling down with the desires that lead them to do so.Parts of this principle include :

  • Humans' brains are obviously smaller than our whole body.This organ should not act like a lysosome.
  • Having a dense of this will find its own self saving

Alxerian BeastsEdit

There are several classifications of Alxerian Banes.These are some.

Banes:Probably said to be one of the weakest of Alxerian beasts.On a question with Alkhrus why are the banes look like dragons/reptiles,and he said it has to be because its his chosen creature for it.They look like metallic and feetless dragons.They work on Alxerions as protectorates.

By Kai-Yusav's creation upon the Twin Spectra,the twin already have its bane to protect them,especially in Chapter 11 in which the bane protected the twin after they got attacked by Jade's friends.According to Ixen ,banes are esoteric and can only be seen by persons with ESP,wise people,Alxerions and Halzamerians and also to its bloodline (e.g. creations)

Beast form:some high-ranked Alxerions have their own beast forms,one example of it was Gerssick's during Chapter 22 - an almost invulnerable and forbidden-to-unseal being that even Revirugus,Ak-thur'kas,Havi and the Titan couldnt even hurt it,with immense power(which the giant boulder is just like a stone to it.).Structures of these beasts varies.

Avengers:Just a child compared to destroyers,even though they are just a bit taller than a human, its invulnerable to humans but it is to beings contradicting to Alxerions.

Destroyers:The most powerful type of Alxerian Beasts..............

Vanguards:An inferior type of beasts.Albeit limited,they are powerful but less than banes.Juvenile forms carry tainted daggers and feetless,and remains as a geist.Mature Vanguards already have feet and wings and carry swords.Because they are weaker than a bane.They can guard or manifest some Alxerions by call,example is Leaviel.

Null/Void Forces:


Alkhrus Nerium

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Gerssick ZarkonZeryn ZirlightZerail Hexevius

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